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We help you understand the value of your house

Finding out the value of the property you own is key when you start a sale process. We look at a variety of factors that impact the value of your property: from the location to the type of feature your property has.

Most recent sales & Prices

When we value your property we first try to get a good idea of the market in the area of your property. For that we will look at current listings near your house but also at past sales within the vicinity of your property.

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By now you are most aware that the location of your house is key in determining the property value. Although, we forget sometime to take into account external factors such as planning applications, major works coming in the area which can either positively or negatively impact the property value in the future. Our team has this information and knowledge and is able to accurately value your property

Property features

Be it a simple but very nice shower to a large and comfortable garden, the feature your property shows have a positive impact on the price of your house. We use our knowledge and our analysis of properties showing similar features to help us define the most accurate valuation

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