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Generate an estimate of your stamp duty below. Note, it is always worth referring to the government website for the most up-to-date information about Stamp Duty and to see the full legislation in detail.

Calculate your Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty Calculator

How to use our stamp duty tax calculator

Our calculator makes it easy to estimate the stamp duty tax you'll owe when purchasing a property and deciding on the right time to bu in the UK. Just follow these simple steps:

Gather all the information about the property

First, make sure you have all the key details about the property at hand, including the full purchase price and the address. This will help ensure you enter accurate information.

Input your purchase price

Next, input the total purchase price of the flat, house or apartment into the price field of the calculator. Make sure to enter the full price you will pay, including any extras.

Here, you may want to include things like the:

  • Base purchase price: This is the core agreed-upon sale price for the home itself.

  • Upgrades & additions: If the seller is including any upgrades like a remodeled kitchen, finished basement, swimming pool, etc., those costs should be included in the sale price

  • Appliances & fixtures: If appliances, light fixtures, window treatments or other items are being sold with the home, their value impacts the sale price

  • Land value: If the sale includes significant acreage of land beyond just the home's lot, factor that into the pricing

  • Home warranty: If the seller is providing a home warranty plan, account for the price of that coverage

  • Home inspection repairs: Any repairs completed by the seller based on the home inspection should get rolled into the final sale amount.

Input whether this is your first home

Using the dropdown menu, specify if this purchase will be your first and only home by selecting the "First Time buyer" dropdown which will apply applicable stamp duty deductions for first time buyers.

Make sure you're also taking advantage of the other benefits to first time buyers such as zero deposit mortgages while you're at it.



Once all relevant information is entered, click the "Calculate" button to see the estimated stamp duty owed on the purchase.

The calculator will automatically compute the tax based on HMRC's latest rates and thresholds. Review the estimate to see how much you can expect to pay in stamp duty tax when completing the property purchase.

It is useful to note that during the process of buying, there may be additional tax exemptions. See the government page on reliefs and exemptions for more on this.

Also, if you think you need an estate agent to help you in your purchasing journey, reach out to the Cozee team who can help you with specific details when it comes to property law and regulations.

Want to make sure you're paying Stamp Duty correctly?

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What is stamp duty?

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a tax imposed on the purchase of property or land above a certain price threshold in England and Northern Ireland. It is designed to generate revenue for the government and regulate property transactions.

It has nothing to do with how much debt you are taking on in the purchase of a home. See our page on mortgage advice for more on the topic.

Why was it introduced? 

Stamp duty was introduced to ensure that those who purchase property or land that is registered with the land registry contribute a tax to the government, proportional to the value of the transaction during the buying process.

It serves as a means to generate revenue for public services and regulate property markets.

the property market in the uk that is effected by stamp duty

When is stamp duty paid?

Stamp duty is paid when purchasing various types of property, including freehold or leasehold properties, or when participating in shared ownership schemes.

Additionally, it is paid when land or property is transferred in exchange for payment, such as through a buy to let mortgage or buying a share in a property.

Stamp duty is paid on the purchase of a property by a buyer not a seller and the transactions need to be paid around 14 days afterwards.

When was stamp duty introduced?

Stamp duty has been in existence for many years in various forms. The current system of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) in England and Northern Ireland was introduced in its current form in the early 2000s.

How do you pay stamp duty? 

To pay stamp duty, visit the government’s website here and then you can begin paying by going online via bank transfer or you can pay by cheque.

A man writing a cheque to pay his stamp duty in the uk

What is stamp duty for?

Stamp duty was introduced as a tax to serve several purposes. Primarily, it was implemented to generate revenue for the government. By taxing property transactions, governments can collect funds to finance public services, infrastructure projects, and other essential expenditures.

Additionally, stamp duty serves as a regulatory measure in property markets. It helps control the volume and nature of property transactions by imposing a financial barrier that individuals must overcome when buying property or land.

This can influence market dynamics, preventing speculative bubbles and promoting stability when buying property.

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