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Wikipedia gives us the quick following overview of the area: “ Upper Norwood is an area of south London, England, within the London Boroughs of Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth and Southwark. It is north of Croydon. The eastern part of it is better known as the Crystal Palace area. The SE19 London postcode covers the entirety of the district. “

What kind of things are there to do in the city of Upper Norwood?

Upper Norwood is vibrant with life, activities and to find out what to do in your area we recommend you to have a look at websites like Timeout. Timeout updates on a weekly basis things to do in Upper Norwood. To simplify you the task of finding the page here is the link to see the upcoming events in Upper Norwood. Also having a clear view of what is available in Upper Norwood and where is a great way to project yourself within this new area. This is why we created the following map where we gathered all the information you will find in this article.

The things you might need in Upper Norwood

We have compiled for you a list of the different places you might want to check in Upper Norwood name before moving in the neighbourhood.

Tube & Train stations within the region of Upper Norwood

Most want transit less than a 15 minute walk from home. We put together train and tube stations in Upper Norwood to help find the optimal area for you. It could be that you don’t mind walking or it could be that public transport is necessary for you to get around.

Train or tube station name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Crystal Palace London 4 90
Gipsy Hill Gipsy Hill, London 4.3 29

What schools are nearby in Upper Norwood?

Having a nearby school is ideal when relocating. Below is a list of schools located within Upper Norwood

School Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Harris City Academy Maberley Road, London 3.5 70
Marie Ridonat 42B Cintra Park, London N/A N/A
Fox Hill Cookery School 24 Fox Hill, London N/A N/A
Matryoshki UK Carberry Road, London N/A N/A
Music Rox 62 Gipsy Hill, London 5 1
St Paul’s Sunbeams Pre School Hamlet Road, London 5 1
Dulwich Oaks Montessori Nursery School St Margaret Clitherow Church Hall, 22 Dulwich Wood Park, London 4.4 11
Paxton Primary School Woodland Road, London 4.6 9
Rockmount Primary School Chevening Road, London 4.7 16
Crystal Palace Day Nursery and Preschool in London 49 Maberley Road, London 3.6 5
Crystal Palace Rainbow Nursery 17 Carberry Road, London N/A N/A
Blossom Time Montessori Nursery – OFSTED REGISTERED Entrance From, Methodist Church Hall, Westow Hill, Cooper’s Yard, London 5 13
Ballet Ashley 1A Highland Road, London N/A N/A
Singing Lessons with Laura Wakefield Gardens, London N/A N/A
London Piano Teaching 28 Hamlet Road, London 5 8
Colby Road Nursery 9B Colby Road, London 5 20
Mr. Jonathan Parkin – Crystal Palace – Clarinet, Saxophone & Piano Teacher 18 Orleans Road, London 5 1
All Saints Primary School Upper Beulah Hill, London 4.1 8
Being free being me The Chevening Hub Upper Norwood Recreational Ground, Chevening Road, London N/A N/A
Harris primary academy Beechwoods Court, 3 Crystal Palace Parade, London N/A N/A

Post offices in the area of Upper Norwood

Nearby post offices make sending and getting packages easy. In a post office you can do things like exchange currency, post your packages, buy everyday items and even redirect your mail. It is likely you will use one at some point if you were to move in to the area so we have compiled the post offices nearby in a table below so you know if this area is the right place for you.

Post Office Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Norwood Delivery Office Royal Mail Norwood Delivery Office, 20 Westow Street, London 2.9 42
Norwood Post Office 51-53 Westow Street, London 3 20
Royal Mail 82 Anerley Road, London 2.5 2
Anerley Road Post Office 82 Anerley Road, London 3.5 22

Medical institutions in Upper Norwood

Upper Norwood has 1 medical institutions. These include hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies and other stores providing medical attention. Here are the details the nearby medical institutions (1000 radius of the area).

Medical institution Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
THE LITTLE ESCAPE 4, Paxton Mews, London N/A N/A

In Upper Norwood, what are some things we love?

What makes the heart of Upper Norwood? At Cozee we asked ourselves what would define the culture, the vibe of a given area. We have come up with the following elements so whether you are a foodie or a night bird, we got you covered. Check out the different restaurants, pubs, gym that exist in Upper Norwood to help you decide to move in there.

What kind of restaurants are there?

The below table gives you a good idea of what kind of options there are for eating out. In Upper Norwood, you may find things like Italian, Chinese or even Indian takeouts. Take a look below if you are visiting or want to move here if eating out is a big deal for you.

Restaurant Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
The Alma Crystal Palace 95 Church Road, London 4.3 994
Yak & Yeti, Crystal Palace 107 Church Road, London 4.3 319
Westow House Pub & Hotel 79 Westow Hill, London 4.3 1582
Napoli Pizza 96 Anerley Road, London 4.3 73
Shanghai Wok 72 Church Road, London 4.3 124
Morley’s Fried Chicken 68A Westow Hill, London 4.3 178
The Mint Room 62 Church Road, London 4.3 72
Roti Brothers Victory Place, London 4.3 266
Kish Mish L.G.F 13, 14 Crystal Palace Parade, London 4.3 480
Dem Restaurant (Traditional Turkish Restaurant,Meze Grill) 11 Central Hill, London 4.3 1016
Brown & Green London 99 Church Road, London 4.3 569
Cafe Chic 25 Anerley Road, London 4.3 209
Tasty Flavours Caribbean Kitchen 118 Anerley Road, London 4.3 72
Mi Cocina Es Tuya 61 Westow Street, London 4.3 416
Tamnag Thai 50-52 Westow Hill, London 4.3 317
A Torre 19 Westow Street, London 4.3 363
Chi Oriental 14 Westow Hill, London 4.3 244
Cafe St Germain 16-17 Crystal Palace Parade, London 4.3 339
Domino’s Pizza – London – Crystal Palace 34 Westow Hill, London 4.3 176
Numidie Bar and Bistro 48 Westow Hill, London 4.3 281

Galleries and Museums

The vitality of a region is shaped by its residents who live, work, and engage with one another. Exploring an area through art offers a fresh perspective. If you’re considering relocating to Upper Norwood, we highly suggest exploring the local galleries, museums, and cultural establishments. These venues offer delightful experiences, especially on weekends.

Museum name Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Crystal Palace Museum Anerley Hill, London 4.2 112
Kidspace London N/A N/A
Crystal Palace Dinosaurs Thicket Road, London 4.5 986

Public houses of Upper Norwood

As Londoners, we cherish our local pubs. Upper Norwood has some great go-to spots. From smaller, more family run chains to larger pubs like WeatherSpoons, there is a pub for everyone in the area.

Pub name Name Address Description
Alma 95 Church Road Crystal Palace SE19 2TA Situated on the busy Crystal Palace “triangle”, this pub enthusiastically promotes beers from the increasing numbers of local breweries. There are no regular beers, but a changing range of guests on the four handpumps. The pub is formed of a large square with a central bar and a high ceiling. The floors and tables are mainly wooden, with exposed brickwork and the large windows much in evidence. In addition to the buses listed, several other routes terminate at Crystal Palace bus station, about 15 minutes walk away.
Westow House 79 Westow Hill Crystal Palace SE19 1TX A popular former Antic pub, operated by Portobello Brewing since late 2020, with a quirky mix of furniture and artwork, situated within the vibrant Crystal Palace triangle. The pub serves a changing selection of real ales drawn mostly from microbreweries, often including those from the Greater London area. Occasional meet the brewer events are also held. Lunchtime and evening meals are served daily. Regular live music is expected to recommence in autumn 2021 along with a weekly quiz. A large outside drinking area is located at the front. 23 boutique bedrooms above the pub were added in 2019.
Colby Arms 132 Gipsy Hill Gipsy Hill SE19 1PW There are several unused sets of doors, testifying to its former multi-room format. In fact it still is effectively two rooms, with the back room reached via an archway to the right of the front bar on the main road. It’s mainly carpeted, but with a smallish bare-boarded area to the left of the main bar, where the pool table is sited. Furnishings comprise a banquette or two, but are mainly standard chairs and smallish round tables, and there’s a traditional tiled splash area surrounding the bar counter. Shelves above the bar back contain some nick-nacks such as scales, vases, stoneware jugs and the like, and a shelving unit near the pool table contains sporting trophies. Wall decor consists of various prints. This is a comfortable and friendly locals’ pub.
Great Southern 79 Gipsy Hill Gipsy Hill SE19 1QH Large premises in an imposing building from the mid 1800s. Now knocked into a large single room and updated to be more food centric. There are usually one or two real ales and one or two ciders on handpump.

Supermarkets in Upper Norwood

Finally we wouldn’t like to let you down on where to do your grocery shopping in Upper Norwood. Although solutions like Ocado, Amazon or other delivery services can be a great replacement, knowing if a grocery store is nearby the place you are about to live in is a big plus. Please find below the grocery stores in Upper Norwood.

We weren’t able to find any supermarket in this area. If we were wrong, tell us in the comments the name and address of your local supermarket or grocery store. We’ll amend this page

What kind of gyms are there in Upper Norwood?

Working from home means more gym time for many. With chains like EasyGym and PureGym, it’s easy to stay fit in Upper Norwood.

Gym Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Performance 360 London Unit 2C Victory Place, London 4.3 31
Bamboo Fitness 1, Paxton Mews, Westow Street, London 4.3 19
The Yoga Edge – Hot Yoga 83 Church Road, London 4.3 127
Crystal Palace Gymnastics Club Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, Ledrington Road, London 4.3 20
Crystal Palace National Sports Centre Ledrington Road, London 4.3 1650
Crystal Palace Osteopaths & Natural Therapies 10 Westow Street, London 4.3 48
Training Points Fitness & Therapy 6 Cooper’s Yard, London 4.3 89
Genysis Studios (Personal Training Crystal Palace) 40 Church Road, London 4.3 2
Unfold Pilates & Stretch Therapy Westow Street, London 4.3 1
Kin Wellbeing Studio 79 Church Road, London 4.3 N/A
The Little Escape Studio 3, Paxton Mews, London 4.3 N/A
DianeAbenPilates 3, Paxton Mews, London 4.3 47
Palace Pilates 58, 60 Westow Street, London 4.3 3
Flex & Reset Pilates 4 Anerley Hill, London 4.3 28
Train with Labonita 78 Westow Street, London 4.3 89
mojo-me 7, Nesbitt Square, London 4.3 4
Built London 5a Vermont Road, London 4.3 8
Sarah’s Alternative Fitness Crystal Palace Park, Thicket Road, London 4.3 6
Outdoor Yoga London 4.3 N/A
Better Gym Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London 4.3 46

In Upper Norwood, is there a lot of green space?

One of London’s greatest features are the large green spaces that cover the surface of the city. Check below if Upper Norwood is a good fit for you. Be it for a simple walk or for a casual summer picnic.

Park Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Crystal Palace Park Thicket Road, London 4.5 12152
Crystal Palace Caravan and Motorhome Club Campsite Old Cople Lane, Crystal Palace Parade, London 4.5 514
Fox Hill Playing Field Fox Hill, London 4.4 23
Dulwich Upper Woods – TCV Farquhar Road, London 4.5 27
Upper Norwood Recreation Ground 51 Chevening Road, London 4.2 244
Rafael Gabriel Windows 36 Church Road, London 4.4 32
Upper Norwood War Memorial 63A Westow Street, London 5 2
St Katherine’s Gate St Katherine’s Lane, London N/A N/A
Jubilee Gardens Anerley Hill, London 4.5 2
Westow Park 2 Coxwell Road, London 3.5 2
High Level Gate Crystal Palace Parade, London N/A N/A
Palace Square Open Space Palace Square, London 4.1 19
Westow Park 150 College Green, London 4.3 351
Becondale Road Open Space Becondale Road, Norwood, London N/A N/A
Canada Gate Anerley Hill, London 4.3 12
The Ache Garden Anerley Hill, London 4.5 2
Stambourne Woodland Walk Auckland Road, London N/A N/A
Fox Hill Green Fox Hill, Anerley, London N/A N/A
The Rosary Maxim Rise, London 4 2
Oakland Wood Auckland Rise, London N/A N/A

Other nearby neighbourhoods

Familiar with Upper Norwood? We value your opinion

Feedback is always important when it comes to anything and when it comes to our blog, your feedback could help other individuals moving in to the area of Upper Norwood and could also help us understand you that bit better. If you would like, leave some feedback below on your insight into Upper Norwood. It would be great to hear from you.

Let us know what you think of our guide of Upper Norwood

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