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Wikipedia gives us the quick following overview of the area: “ Penge is a suburb of South East London, England, now in the London Borough of Bromley, 3.5 miles (5.6 km) west of Bromley, 3.7 miles (6.0 km) north east of Croydon and 7.1 miles (11.4 km) south east of Charing Cross. “

In the city of Penge, what kind of things are there to do?

What makes the heart of Penge? At Cozee we asked ourselves what would define the culture, the vibe of a given area. We have come up with the following elements so whether you are a foodie or a night bird, we got you covered. Check out the different restaurants, pubs and gyms that exist in Penge to help you decide as to whether to move there or not.

The range of gyms in Penge

Working from home means more gym time for many. With chains like EasyGym and PureGym, it’s easy to stay fit in Penge.

Gym Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Oasis Sports Centre 32 Endell Street, London 4.3 788
Virgin Active Shell-Mex House, 80 Strand, London 4.3 299
Gymbox Holborn 100 High Holborn, London 4.3 340
Nuffield Health Covent Garden Fitness and Wellbeing Gym 9 Endell Street, London 4.3 130
Fitness First 6 Bedford Street, London 4.3 345
Yogarise Covent Garden – Yoga classes in Covent Garden, London 13 Mercer Street, London 4.3 62
Jubilee Hall Gym 30 The Piazza, London 4.3 111
Covent Garden Physiotherapy Ground Floor, Durham House, 1 Durham House Street, London 4.3 46
PureGym London Waterloo 11-15 Brad Street, London 4.3 234
Body Control Pilates 35 Little Russell Street, London 4.3 36
The Health Club at One Aldwych One Aldwych Hotel, 1 Aldwych, Covent Garden, London 4.3 16
CryoAction Limited 71-75 Shelton Street, London 4.3 1
The Gym Group London Charing Cross 17-21 Northumberland Avenue, London 4.3 227
Fujian White Crane Kung Fu & Tai Chi – Covent Garden & West End Green Dragon House, 23 Stukeley Street, London 4.3 N/A
Digme Fitness Covent Garden 4-10 Tower Street, London 4.3 150
Boom Cycle – Holborn 16 Procter Street, London 4.3 91
The Gym Group London Holborn Circus 1 Thavies Inn, Holborn Circus, London 4.3 263
Central Health Physiotherapy Quality House, 5-9 Quality Court, London 4.3 299
Tranquility Pilates Studio Ltd 16-18, New Bridge Street, London 4.3 5
ESPA Life at Corinthia Whitehall Place, London 4.3 246

Museums & Galleries in the region

Art helps discover an area’s culture. Galleries and museums are great weekend enjoyment and you can find where all the fun is happening by checking out the museum and galleries table for Penge below.

Museum name Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Mark Wallis Memorial Pier High Street, London 5 1
Crystal Palace Dinosaurs Thicket Road, London 4.5 986

Where can you buy groceries in the area

Grocery shopping is another important activity you will do if you move into the area of Penge. In the below table, we go over the nearby supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s so you know what the area has to offer for your food shop.

We weren’t able to find any supermarket in this area. If we were wrong, tell us in the comments the name and address of your local supermarket or grocery store. We’ll amend this page

Green space in the city of Penge

One of London’s best assets is its green spaces. See if Penge offers room to roam.

Park Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Winsford Gardens Open Space Garden Road, London 4.7 98
Royston Field Franklin Road, London 3.9 27
Burham Close Playground Burham Close, Beckenham 3 3
Betts Park Anerley Road, London 4 475
Blean Gate 20 Gladstone Mews, London 3 1
Laurel Gate 33C Laurel Grove, London 2 2
Penge Recreation Ground 93 High Street, London 3.9 240
Penge War Memorial High Street, London 4.8 5
Watermen’s Square Entrance 23 Watermen’s Square, High Street, London 5 1
Franklin Gate 2 Otford Close, London N/A N/A
Croydon Road Gate 90 Croydon Road, London 5 1
Bog Garden & Ponds Burmarsh Court, Manston Close, London 3.5 2
Westbury Gate 62 Kenilworth Road, London N/A N/A
Snowdown Gate 20 Snowdown Close, London N/A N/A
Wildflower Garden Burmarsh Court, Manston Close, London N/A N/A
Garden Road Gate 2 Garden Road, London 5 1
Gravel garden Burmarsh Court, Manston Close, London N/A N/A
The Rose Garden Gardens Winsford, Garden Road, London 4 1
Penge Green Gym Garden Road, London 5 4
Wildflower garden 222 Anerley Road, London 4 4

Are the restaurants in Penge any good?

Penge has a range of different places to eat. From Chinese, Indian or Italian ones, your area is vibrant with life and if you are a foodie you will surely find what you are looking for here.

Restaurant Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Tang’s Chinese 4 Parish Lane, Crystal Palace, London 4.3 69
Favorite Chicken & Ribs Penge 114 High Street, London 4.3 51
Antonella’s Cafe and Bistro 111 High Street, London 4.3 179
El-Kervan 3 Green Lane, London 4.3 83
Friends of Flavours 4 Green Lane, London 4.3 433
Himalayan Kitchen 17 Penge Lane, London 4.3 209
Penge Masala 75 High Street, London 4.3 130
Great Wall Chinese Restaurant 4 Croydon Road, London 4.3 100
Thai Delight 158 Maple Road, London 4.3 64
Bistro chez Yves 201 Maple Road, London 4.3 225
Papa Johns Pizza 138 High Street, London 4.3 86
Craft Metropolis – Penge 47 High Street, London 4.3 249
The Moon & Stars – JD Wetherspoon 164-166 High Street, London 4.3 1211
Anerley Chippy 117 Anerley Road, London 4.3 55
Mamma Mia Chinese Take Away 129 Anerley Road, London 4.3 90
Hardedge Cafe 113 High Street, London 4.3 63
Domino’s Pizza – London – Penge 150 High Street, London 4.3 115
Bridge House Bridge House, 2 High Street, London 4.3 1052
Pizza Hut Delivery 126/128 High Street, London 4.3 158
Shell 128-136 Beckenham Road, Beckenham 4.3 93


Being Londoners ourselves, at Cozee, we hold a strong bond with our regular visits to the local pub every week. Why should your experience be any different in your new home? That’s why we’ve thoroughly tested and reviewed all the pubs in Penge. While we didn’t get the chance to personally visit each one, we certainly wish we could have. Here’s the curated list of the finest pubs in Penge.

Pub name Name Address Description
Douglas Fir 144 Anerley Rd Anerley SE20 8DL The Douglas Fir opened in November 2016 in premises formerly occupied by a hairdresser, and situated roughly half-way between Crystal Palace and Anerley rail/London Overground stations. It is operated by the Gipsy Hill Brewing Company, and is their first outlet. Although similar in appearance to many micropubs, the owners consider the enterprise as a bar.
Bar Fusion 1-3 Witham Rd Birkbeck SE20 7YA Re-opened on 17th June 2023 as a music and disco orientated bar. Still in a period of transition from being Grace’s Bar & Grill. If not totally rebuilt the pub has certainly been substantially renovated with the glazed roof creating an air of light and spaciousness. The spiralling interior brick columns are of interest. The pub is ideally located for train, tram and bus travellers alike. Dogs are not permitted in the pub. Please check their Facebook page for up to date information and events. (As of 10th July 2023, cask ale status has yet to be decided – two hand pulls present)

What kind of things are there to do in the city of Penge?

Penge is vibrant with life, activities and to find out what to do in your area we recommend you to have a look at websites like Timeout. Timeout updates on a weekly basis things to do in Penge. To simplify you the task of finding the page here is the link to see the upcoming events in Penge. Also having a clear view of what is available in Penge and where is a great way to project yourself within this new area. This is why we created the following map where we gathered all the information you will find in this article.

The facilities you might need in Penge

We have compiled for you a list of the different places you might want to check in Penge name before moving in the neighbourhood.

Health amenities that are in Penge

Penge has 3 medical institutions. These include hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies and other stores providing medical attention. Here are the details the nearby medical institutions (1000 radius of the area).

Medical institution Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Yeoman House 63 Croydon Road, London 4.8 5
Oaks Park Medical Centre Oaks Park Medical Centre, 17 Oakfield Road, London 2.1 7
Oakfield Surgery Oaks Park Medical Centre, 17 Oakfield Road, London 2.9 76

Tube & Train stations nearby the area of Penge

We assembled the train and tube stations of Penge in a convenient table below so you can find the best location for you to live if transport connections are important to you.

Train or tube station name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Penge West Penge West Station, Anerley Park, London 3.8 33
Penge East Penge East Station, Station Road, London 4 50
Anerley United Kingdom 4.2 24
Kent House United Kingdom 4 19

What schools are nearby in Penge?

Having an educational institution close by is a great perk when moving. See the list below of schools located in the Penge vicinity and how they relate to property prices.

School Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Crystal Early Years Centre The Schoolkeepers House, Anerley Road, London 5 1
Blue Pear Day Nursery & Pre-School 121 Maple Road, London 5 7
Penge Community Pre-school Anerley Methodist Church, Oakfield Road, London 5 4
Royston Playgroup c/o Harris Primary Acadamy, High Street, London N/A N/A
Ladybird Nursery Penge Penge East Railway Station, Station House, Station Road, London N/A N/A
Betts Park Pre-school The Pavilion, Betts Park, London 5 1
Witty Kiddies Sydenham Sydenham Lawn Tennis Club, Lawrie Park Road, Sydenham 5 23
Archangels Montessori Nursery 23 Genoa Road, London 5 3
St Johns Church of England Primary School Maple Road, London 3 3
London School of Rhythm Ltd, London – Drum lessons in our studios or online! 199 A, Maple Road, London 5 24
Ladybird Nursery Anerley 45 Anerley Park, London 4.8 4
St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School Genoa Road, London 3.8 4
Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace Malcolm Road, London 4 19
Community Vision Nursery Chestnut Grove, London 5 4
Holy Trinity Preschool Holy Trinity Church Centre, 66 Lennard Road, London N/A N/A
Penge East Day Nursery and Preschool in Sydenham 202 Venner Road, London 4 4
Taylor & Abel Haberdashers 164 Maple Road, London 4.7 13
Penge After School Club 126-128 High Street, London N/A N/A
Apex Kids Trinity House Apex Kids, Trinity House, 33 Croydon Road, London N/A N/A
Harris Primary playing field Penge, London 4 2

Are there many post offices in the region of Penge?

Nearby post offices simplify sending and getting packages. Penge branches also offer services like money orders and insurance along with mail services. Here they are along with their proximity to the area.

Post Office Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Anerley Delivery Office Royal Mail Anerley Delivery Office, 1 Blenheim Road, London 2.7 23
Penge Post Office 100-102 High Street, London 2.4 46
Elmers End Road Post Office 79 Elmers End Road, London 4.2 49

Other areas nearby

What do you think about Penge?

Feedback is always important when it comes to anything and when it comes to our blog, your feedback could help other individuals moving in to the area of Penge and could also help us understand you that bit better. If you would like, leave some feedback below on your insight into Penge. It would be great to hear from you.

Let us know what you think of our guide of Penge

We need your help to make our guides more useful for our readers.

Whenever you’re not sure about if you want to move into an area for sure, making sure that you have considered your other options is important to confirm a decision or perhaps sway you in another direction. Find some other nearby regions to help you make a decision about Penge.

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