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Find out a general overview of the area using Wikipedia gives us the quick following overview of the area: “ Old Ford is an area in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets that is named after the natural ford which provided a crossing of the River Lea. “

The facilities you might need in Old Ford

We have compiled for you a list of the different places you might want to check in Old Ford name before moving in the neighbourhood.

How many hospitals, pharmacies and doctors are there in Old Ford?

Old Ford has 1 medical institutions. These include hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies and other stores providing medical attention. Here are the details the nearby medical institutions (1000 radius of the area).

Medical institution Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Doctors for Madagascar UK 8 Wright’s Road, London N/A N/A

Post offices in Old Ford

Nearby post offices simplify sending and getting packages. Old Ford branches also offer services like money orders and insurance along with mail services. Here they are along with their proximity to the area.

Post Office Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Royal Mail Bow Delivery Office 66 Tredegar Road, London 3.7 158
Bow Post Office 161A Bow Road, London 3.1 182
Roman Road Post Office 603 Roman Road, London 3.2 73
Cut Price Store 603 Roman Road, London 0 0
Postbox 429-437, Wick Lane, Bow, London 0 0
Parcel Postbox 21 Monier Road, Fish Island, London 0 0
Postbox 67 Jodrell Road, London 5 2

In Old Ford, what tube and train stations are nearby?

Most want transit less than a 15 minute walk from home. We put together train and tube stations in Old Ford to help find the optimal area for you. It could be that you don’t mind walking or it could be that public transport is necessary for you to get around.

Train or tube station name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Hackney Wick White Post Lane, London 4.2 77

Schools around Old Ford

Having an educational institution close by is a great perk when moving. See the list below of schools located in the Old Ford vicinity and how they relate to property prices.

School Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
London Aquatics Centre Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London 4.2 1328
Old Ford Primary Academy Wright’s Road, Old Ford, London 4.1 19
Baby Sensory Canary Wharf Saint Pauls Church, Saint Stephen’s Road, London 5 1
MathBase Bow Business Centre, 153-159 Bow Road, London N/A N/A
Tower Hamlets Pupil Referral Stafford Road, Old Ford, London 5 1
DRUM LESSONS West London Music Tutors 84 Otter Close, Blaker Road, London N/A N/A
Pillar Box Gardens 49 Fairfield Road, London 5 3
Pillar Box Montessori Nursery School 107 Bow Road, London 2.8 17
Montessori on the Park Victoria Park, Saint Marks Gate, London 4.8 25
atley road school Dace Road, London N/A N/A
Bruce Music Fabian Bell Tower, 2 Pancras Way, London N/A N/A
Bobby Moore Academy (Primary) 23 Marshgate Lane, Old Ford, London 4.9 20
Mulberry UTC 64 Parnell Road, London 4 4
School 64 Parnell Road, Bow, London N/A N/A
Bobby Moore Academy (Secondary) 1 Sidings Street, London 2.8 39
SAMA 544 Roman Road, Bow, London 4.5 25
Phoenix Upper School Paton Close, Bow, London N/A N/A
Al Arabiya Institute International House 221 Bow Road, London N/A N/A
MEplace Nursery MEplace Nursery, Bagel Factory Central, 21 Rothbury Road, London 4.1 25
PIRATE.COM – Rehearsal & Recording Studios 13 Rothbury Road, London 4.4 142

Is the local life vibrant in Old Ford

There’s always something going on in a vibrant area like Old Ford. For ideas on activities, check Timeout which updates weekly on local events. We’re including a link to their Old Ford listings to help you easily find stuff happening soon. A great way to get oriented in a new area is seeing what’s around and where. Our map gathers property price details and other info from this article to give you a snapshot of Old Ford offerings.

Some great things about Old Ford

At Cozee we looked at elements defining the area like restaurants, nightlife, parks, and more. Whether you’re a foodie or night owl, Old Ford has something for you. Check out spots below to get a feel for life in Old Ford.

Parks and green spaces in Old Ford

One of London’s best assets is its green spaces. See if Old Ford offers room to roam.

Park Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London 4.5 30277
Grove Hall Park Fairfield Road, London 4.3 143
Great British Garden London 4.8 43
Tom Thumb’s Arch 148 Malmesbury Road, London 3.8 20
Mobile Garden Hackney Bridge Gardens, East Bay Lane, London 4.6 7
Victoria Park Raemers Skatepark. Victoria Park, London 4.6 212
Old Ford Island London 3.5 2
Private Residential Children’s Park Navigators Walk, London N/A N/A
Shootsplants 72 Smeed Road, London N/A N/A
Locton Green Ruston Street, London 4 24
Matilda Gardens London 3.5 2
Four Seasons Green Caxton Grove, London N/A N/A
2012 Gardens London N/A N/A
Olympic Park Splash Fountain Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford Walk, London 4.7 105
St Stephens Green 10 Saint Stephen’s Road, Old Ford, London 4.1 32
Trellis Square Allotment Trellis Square, Bow, London 5 1
Mobile garden City London N/A N/A
St Leonard’s Priory Park B140, London 4.2 12
Victoria Park N/A N/A N/A
Wetlands Walk London N/A N/A

Gyms to stay in shape in Old Ford

More at-home work means more gym-goers. Major chains make staying active in Old Ford easy.

Gym Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
London Aquatics Centre Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London 4.3 1328
Copper Box Arena Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London 4.3 1656
Old Ford Bikeworks All Ability Club 145 5N, London 4.3 7
Ability Bow Saint Stephen’s Road, London 4.3 32
Admac Fitness B12, 153-159 Bow Road Basement Room, London 4.3 114
Shamanic Yoga Studio London 4.3 N/A
Yoga with Harriet Autumn Street, London 4.3 1
GroundWork Training Unit 4, Riverbank House, Riverbank Business Park, 455 Wick Lane, London 4.3 67
Old Ford Circus 22 Smeed Road, London 4.3 N/A
The Island Reformer Pilates Studio 11, 14 Wyke Road, London 4.3 37
Omega Hub Omega Works, Unit 132, Roach Road, London 4.3 19
Omega Yoga & Sound bath Unit 131, Omega Works, 4 Roach Road, London 4.3 23
Radojunkie Caxton Grove, London 4.3 11
Anytime Fitness Bow 62-64 Vernon Road, London 4.3 80
The Wick CrossFit The Bagel Factory, 17 Rothbury Road, London 4.3 46
Victoria Park Track Unnamed Road, London 4.3 13
HW Personal Training Unit 7&9, 29 White Post Lane, London 4.3 13
Coach Kasia 29 White Post Lane, London 4.3 N/A
Outdoor Gym (bars only) GXR8+5R, London 4.3 N/A
pause practice yoga St Paul Old Ford, Saint Stephen’s Road, London 4.3 1

Museums & Galleries in the region

An area thrives through its people and their interactions. Discover Old Ford through its art scene by exploring galleries, museums, and cultural institutions, providing enjoyable weekend activities and contributing to the vibrant community.

We weren’t able to find any museum in this area. Tell us in the comments if we were wrong. We’ll amend this page

Restaurants in the area

Old Ford has a range of different places to eat. From Chinese, Indian or Italian ones, your area is vibrant with life and if you are a foodie you will surely find what you are looking for here.

Restaurant Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Forman’s Restaurant Stour Road, Fish Island, London 4.3 239
CRATE Brewery & Pizzeria Unit 7 Queen’s Yard, London 4.3 1555
Flavas Pizza & Peri Peri Chicken 612 Roman Road, London 4.3 223
G Kelly 526 Roman Road, Old Ford, London 4.3 636
McDonald’s Bow Flyover, 4 Payne Road, London 4.3 4806
Shell 445-453 Wick Lane, London 4.3 107
Sultan Sofrasi 72 Parnell Road, Bow, London 4.3 815
Moguls Kitchen 609 Roman Road, London 4.3 165
Rule Zero 3 Succession Walk, London 4.3 520
The Last Drop Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 5 Thornton Street, London 4.3 218
Domino’s Pizza – London – Bow 473 Roman Road, Bow, London 4.3 324
Mighty Bite Cafe 123 Bow Road, London 4.3 147
Grow Main Yard, 98C Wallis Road, London 4.3 1172
Little Driver 125 Bow Road, Bow, London 4.3 438
Chilli Garlic Indian Restaurant & Take Away 501 Roman Road, London 4.3 88
Original Taste 74 Bow Road, London 4.3 504
Print House Bar & Kitchen 133 High Street, London 4.3 361
Roman Empire 485 Roman Road, London 4.3 66
Lotus House 485 Roman Road, London 4.3 56
PEARL Hackney Wick East Wing Oslo House, 11 Prince Edward Road, London 4.3 674

Where can you buy groceries in the area

Out of all the other services in Old Ford, supermarkets are arguably some of the most important. Take a look at the table below that tells you where the nearest supermarkets are so you can do your shppping conveniently. It would be a shame to move somewhere new and not realise some of your favourite stores aren’t nearby in Old Ford.

Supermarket/Grocery store name Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Costcutter Queens Parade, Brownlow Road, London N/A N/A
Tesco Express 127, 131 Bounds Green Road, London 3 127
Hellenic Gourmet 115 Myddleton Road, London 4.7 291
Firat Supermarket London 38 Bounds Green Road, London 3.4 8
Local Express Oyster Gean Court, Cline Road, London 4.4 62
Bounds Green Supermarket 90 Trinity Road, London 4.4 21
M&S Simply Food North Circular Road, Pinkham Way, London 3.4 59
Ayta Food Centre 86 Myddleton Road, London 4.2 44
Henny Penny Moffat Road, London N/A N/A
MY TWINS SUPERMARKETS 213-215 Whittington Road, London 4.1 21
Red Sea Supermarket 77 Myddleton Road, London 4.7 14
ALDI 5 Station Road, London 4.4 357
Rozberin Food & Wine 341 Bowes Road, London 3 4


As Londoners, we love our local pubs. Old Ford has great ones to become your new regular spot. Consider these if visiting or moving to the area of Old Ford.

Pub name Name Address Description
Angel of Bow 171 Devons Road Bow E3 3QX Entering via the single front door, Single bar is at the rear. 6 handpumps and 3 banks of fonts dispense a varied selection from many London breweries. The cold cabinet has wide selection of bottled and canned beers from local breweries. Renovated to a good standard. The seating area is larger than the frontage suggests expanding to the right. Gents toilets at the rear on the left and ladies at the rear on the right are very well equipped
Bow Bells 116 Bow Road Bow E3 3AA Large comfortable pub with interesting collection of toby jugs prints and as you might expect considering its name a collection of bells. The only pub in Bow with a genuine guest beer policy, it could be anything! Fives dartboard. Live music at lunchtime. Leased by Vanguard. Featured in the 2019 film “Once Upon a Time in London”
Coborn 8 Coborn Road Bow E3 2DA Much extended pub into the houses on both sides, purchased by Youngs in 1984. A 2015 refurbishment saw a further extension with the former darts area now used for dining. As such there is a big emphasis on food. Music hall singer and comedian Charles Coburn (1852-1945) took his stage name from Coburn Road and is featured in the pub.
Crown 223 Grove Road Bow E3 5SN Geronimo pub opposite an entrance to Victoria Park. Refurbished in a modern style that includes a mix of chairs and sofas. The 3 changing ales can include locals like Truman’s, Young’s and more staple beers such as Sharps Doom Bar.
Eleanor Arms 460 Old Ford Road Bow E3 5JP Built in 1879, this pub off the beaten track is definitely worth a visit. The rear area was once a separate bar, there is 1930s wood panelling. Quiz night is the first Thursday of the month , Old Ford jazz club on Sundays. This is the No.1 pub in London according to a recent Danish pub guide. The multi award winning management team is now in its second decade. Close to Victoria park
Galvanisers Union 16 Newmill House, 2 Devas Street Bow E3 3LL Antic pub opened in April 2014. Usual Antic eclectic furnishings and decor – notably a 12′ or so massive and well used workbench doing duty as a table.
Green Goose 112 Anglo Road Bow E3 5HD Reopened and renamed in Oct ’16 as a gastro pub after being closed for nearly a year. Open Kitchen. 10 keg lines selling East London’s craft beers.
Little Driver 125 Bow Road Bow E3 2AN Built 1851 and refitted c.1900. Single room with an almost island bar servery. There is a large beer garden at the rear often frequented by a local cat. The four TV screens can show different matches. Following the expiry of the lease was reopened as a Craft Union pub in May 2022. The ‘Hoare & Co’s Celebrated Stout’ gilded mirror on the right hand wall was removed during the renovation. Real Al is not always available but more prevalent around West Ham home games.
Lord Morpeth 402 Old Ford Road Bow E3 5NR This Ex-Whitbread pub still retains its original brown tiling on the exterior. Inside the most unusual feature is the Vitrolite panelled ceiling. The pub has two dartboards; is carpeted; and is furnished with normal tables and chairs and small round stools. Funky music and Pizzas available.
Lord Tredegar 50 Lichfield Road Bow E3 5AL This Grade II Listed Pub was reopened in 2012 by Remarkable Pubs. Typical of others they run being tastefully refurbished in traditional style. Three real ales available and a cider in August 2018. Inside are an ornate bar-back and a good bar counter. Some of the mirrors have gilded ivy leaves. Delicately carved wooden, mirrored overmantels also adorn the pub’s interior. There is a vintage working juke box too. In the conservatory area is an open kitchen (leading to the garden) and dining area which has a skylight with what may be original decorative cast iron but definitely modern glass, unfortunately. The medium sized garden itself abuts the Great Eastern main railway line.
Morgan Arms 43 Morgan Street Bow E3 5AA The pub has an impressive wooden gantry with stained glass inserts. Beers from Bedlam, Reunion and Crate on a recent visit.
Palm Tree 127 Grove Road Bow E3 5RP Stepping inside this pub is like stepping back in time. Rebuilt by Truman’s and now one of London’s Real Heritage Pubs, it was marooned when surrounding buildings were demolished to create Mile End Park. Run by the same family for over 40 years, it gives you a real East End welcome, serving a varied range of beers from two handpumps. Cash payments only at this pub still using an old cash register. Live music at weekends, no fruit machines and no widescreen TVs make for the right atmosphere. Real cider is usually available. Grade II listed in 2015.
Victoria 110 Grove Road Bow E3 5TH Taken over and refurbished by the Yummy Collection in August 2014. The layout is open plan but retaining upholstered benches around the edge albeit with a more modern style material. Live music and comedy nights are a feature. Three themed dining room, one with an open kitchen to talk to the chef. There is a large garden with covered huts and a caravan used a s a cocktail bar. Card Only.

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Looking for a detailed analysis of the property market? Check out our analysis at a postcode level here.

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E3 See our property price guide for E3
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