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Wikipedia gives us the quick following overview of the area: “ Finchley is a large district of north London, England, in the London Borough of Barnet. Finchley is on high ground, 11 km (6.8 mi) north of Charing Cross. “

What kind of things are there to do in the city of North Finchley?

There’s always something going on in a vibrant area like North Finchley. For ideas on activities, check Timeout which updates weekly on local events. We’re including a link to their North Finchley listings to help you easily find stuff happening soon. A great way to get oriented in a new area is seeing what’s around and where. Our map gathers property price details and other info from this article to give you a snapshot of North Finchley offerings.

Things that make us love North Finchley

What makes the heart of North Finchley? At Cozee we asked ourselves what would define the culture, the vibe of a given area. We have come up with the following elements so whether you are a foodie or a night bird, we got you covered. Check out the different restaurants, pubs, gym that exist in North Finchley to help you decide to move in there.

What kind of restaurants are there?

North Finchley has a range of different eateries. This is important for someone who is moving to an area who wants to be able to eat out and not cook every day. The below table gives you an overview of what options you have.

Restaurant Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Subway 758 High Road, London 4.3 185
The Elephant Inn, Finchley 283 Ballards Lane, London 4.3 923
Pandaberry Caribbean Restaurant and Jerk Centre 2 Nether Street, London 4.3 321
Connoisseur 702 High Road, London 4.3 N/A
Mangos Indian & Bangladeshi cuisine 364 Ballards Lane, London 4.3 181
Sushimania 650, 652 High Road, London 4.3 654
KFC North Finchley – High Road 793 High Road, London 4.3 574
Starbucks Coffee The Torrington Public House, 811 High Road, London 4.3 480
Nippon Izakaya 843 High Road, London 4.3 549
Bella Mia Finchley 857 High Road, London 4.3 532
Tinys Snack Bar 598 High Road, London 4.3 7
Ai Sushi 830 High Road, London 4.3 745
Flames Restaurant 3 Leisure Way, London 4.3 93
McDonald’s 772/774 High Road, London 4.3 1258
Finchley Pizza 680 High Road, London 4.3 166
Il Funghetto 368, 372 Ballards Lane, London 4.3 580
Sea Rock Indian bar & Restaurant 672 High Road, London 4.3 326
Xian 862 High Road, London 4.3 154
Istanbul Restaurant Finchley 880, 882 High Road, London 4.3 740
The Mist Bar & Restaurant 359 Ballards Lane, London 4.3 N/A

Pubs in the region

As Londoners, we cherish our local pubs. North Finchley has some great go-to spots. From smaller, more family run chains to larger pubs like WeatherSpoons, there is a pub for everyone in the area.

Pub name Name Address Description
Bohemia 762-764 High Road North Finchley N12 9QH The Bohemia reopened on Wednesday 11th June 2014 by the London Brewing Company and was voted Local CAMRA Pub of The Year in 2016…some success story!!! The aim was to have 3 of their own beers plus two guests. But they have now set up an on-site-brewery (switching from The Bull in Highgate), so they often concentrate on three to four of their own beers including their Award winning 100 Oyster Stout and various seasonal beers. Latest addition (November 2021) is Hasty, a double-dry hop pale @ 5%. Large range of craft and bottled beers available. Good food served.
Elephant Inn 283 Ballards Lane North Finchley N12 8NR Formerly the Moss Hall Tavern, this fine wood panelled pub with a U-shaped bar split into three distinct drinking areas has a quiet zone free of TV screens. Bar Meals focus on Thai food; there is also an upstairs restaurant. The two guests and the wide range of bottled beers are usually from the Fuller’s portfolio. Darts, dominoes and other pub games available. Huge wooden pergola over wooden furniture on the front patio is where you can watch traffic go by or watch sport on the outside TV. There is now a courtyard at the rear of the pub.
Malt & Hops 891 High Road North Finchley N12 8QA NOTE: real ale not always available.
Tally Ho 749 High Road North Finchley N12 0BP A large four roomed pub at the edge of two roads which culminates with the pub’s outside garden terrace. There is a central bar with a pool table and high seating. This area, plus all other rooms, have a television, not always on and usually silent. Step down on one side to two areas, one with a dart board and the other a comfortable lounge area. The other side of the main bar leads down to seating with a more cosy traditional feel with wooden panelling and the doors to the outside seating. It is a landmark building renovated by Stonegate, prior to which it was a Wetherspoon, in fact the upstairs was originally the Head Office for Tim Martin’s company shortly after he opened his first pub, Marlers Bar in nearby Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill. It was one of 33 pubs sold to Stonegate in September 2016.

What are the range of supermarkets like?

Finally we wouldn’t like to let you down on where to do your grocery shopping in North Finchley. Although solutions like Ocado, Amazon or other delivery services can be a great replacement, knowing if a grocery store is nearby the place you are about to live in is a big plus. Please find below the grocery stores in North Finchley.

We weren’t able to find any supermarket in this area. If we were wrong, tell us in the comments the name and address of your local supermarket or grocery store. We’ll amend this page

Museums & Galleries in the region

The vitality of a community stems from its residents who live, work, and engage with one another. Exploring an area through art offers a fresh perspective. If you’re considering relocating to North Finchley, we highly suggest exploring the local galleries, museums, and cultural establishments. They offer delightful weekend activities and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the region.

Museum name Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library & Museum 37 Holden Road, London 5 4

Gyms in North Finchley

Working from home means more gym time for many. With chains like EasyGym and PureGym, it’s easy to stay fit in North Finchley.

Gym Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
David Lloyd Finchley Leisure Way, High Road, London 4.3 872
Perform Better Gymnastics Academy North Finchley 711 A High Road, London 4.3 3
PureGym London North Finchley 1st & 2nd Floors, Tally Ho Corner, London 4.3 447
N12 Pilates 27 Ravensdale Avenue, London 4.3 19
in the om Granville Road, London 4.3 N/A
Pilates N12 104 Fallow Court Avenue, London 4.3 N/A
Friern Barnet Taekwon-do Summers Lane, London 4.3 4
Elaine’s Yoga 36 Ashurst Road, London 4.3 16
Yoga Hook Finchley 2 Lambert Way, London 4.3 37
Boxing Gym In Glendale Tally Ho Corner, 711 High Road, London 4.3 N/A
MoreYoga NORTH FINCHLEY BRANCH, 331 Ballards Lane, London 4.3 8
Override 638-640 High Road, London 4.3 32
Pilates Figure Trinity Church Centre, 15 Nether Street, London 4.3 1
North12 Martial Arts Academy 770 High road Entrance opposite, 1 Friern Park 4.3 117
Onyx Fitness Ltd Unit 3, The Yard Archgate Business Centre, 825 High Road, London 4.3 53
Zero Tolerance Fight Factory PUG yard, 269 Ballards Lane, London 4.3 23
Ultimate Boxing Fitness Freddie Osei, PUG Yard, 269 Ballards Lane, London 4.3 26
Exhale Pilates North Finchley 269 Ballards Lane, London 4.3 4
Yoga For All Finchley Progressive Synagogue, 54 Hutton Grove, London 4.3 N/A
JOMBA LONDON – JUMP! BURN! SMILE! Woodhouse College, London, North Finchley 4.3 22

Green spaces and parks of North Finchley

One of London’s best features is the large array of public parks and green spaces. See if North Finchley offers room to explore and maybe take your dog for a walk.

Park Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Jubilee Gardens Belvedere Road, London 4.5 1413
Elm Court 1 Pump Court, London 4.3 6
Middle Temple Gardens 3 Middle Temple Lane, Temple, London 4.7 82
Bernie Spain Gardens South Bank, London 4.4 488
Bloomsbury Square Garden 14 Bloomsbury Square, London 4.3 2017
The Phoenix Garden 21 Stacey Street, London 4.6 461
LGBT Chairs ️‍ Ground Floor, South East Wing, Bush House, 300 Strand, London 5 1
Victoria Embankment Gardens 4 Temple Place, Temple, London N/A N/A
Potnotch Jubilee Market, Tavistock Street, London 5 1
London Memorial Garden Savoy Place, London 3.8 4
Drury Lane Gardens 58 Drury Lane, London 3.9 16
Fountain Court Temple, London 4.6 8
Southbank boardwalk South Bank, Unnamed Road, London 4.8 13
Street Art Skaterpark 337-338 Belvedere Road, London N/A N/A
National Theatre garden terrace South Bank, National Theatre, London N/A N/A
The Diamond Jubilee Penny Maze Henrietta Street, London 5 1
Southbank (River Thames South) Walkpath. Unnamed Road, London 4.8 18
Victoria Embankment Gardens Villiers Street, London 4.6 2523
Diamond Jubilee Garden St Pauls Church, Bedford Street, London 4.4 12
BIG 7 7 Bell Yard, London N/A N/A

In North Finchley, what things may you need?

We have compiled for you a list of the different places you might want to check in North Finchley name before moving in the neighbourhood.

Schools around North Finchley

Having an educational institution close by is a great perk when moving. See the list below of schools located in the North Finchley vicinity and how they relate to property prices.

School Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Wren Academy Finchley Hilton Avenue, London 3.6 60
Woodhouse College Woodhouse Road, London 3.9 69
The Compton School Summers Lane, London 2.5 26
Daley Tuition – Maths, English, Science home tuition Bond Street Estates, 707 High Road, London N/A N/A
Kumon Maths & English Trinity Church, 15 Nether Street, London 5 1
GUITAR LESSONS West London Music Tutors 1 Percy Road, London N/A N/A
Cup Cakes Nursery 1 Friern Park, London 3.9 7
Kumon Maths, English & Japanese Christ Church North Finchley C of E, 620 High Road, London N/A N/A
Hadaf Persian School Woodhouse College, Woodhouse Road, London 5 4
Alex Storksen-Coulson Drum Tuition 19 Alexandra Grove, London N/A N/A
Razzamataz Theatre School Barnet Wren Academy Finchley, Hilton Avenue, London 5 16
Rupert Hunt Guitar Tuition Flat 1, 892 High Road, London 5 2
FRS Kindergarten 101 Fallow Court Avenue, London 5 6
Guitar Lessons in North London – Guitar Tutor – Guitar Teacher – Learn guitar – Music School – Guitar Classes 20A Granville Road, London 5 5
St Michael’s Grammar School Nether Street, London 3.8 31
The Holmewood School Lower School 88 Woodside Park Road, London 5 6
Woodlands Nursery Saint Andrew’s Close, London 5 19
Arundel Court Woodhouse Road, London N/A N/A
Little Trees 39 Budd Close, London 5 1
Moss Hall Junior School Nether Street, London 2.7 6

Are there many post offices in the region of North Finchley?

Nearby post offices simplify sending and getting packages. North Finchley branches also offer services like money orders and insurance along with mail services. Here they are along with their proximity to the area.

Post Office Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
North Finchley Post Office 831 High Road, London 2.3 143
Post & Packing 995 High Road, London 4.4 21

Tube & Train stations in and around North Finchley

Having to walk more than 10 to 15 min to reach public transportation is usually considered as a downside when considering a property to live in. To simplify this, we curated the list of train and tube station of North Finchley to help you find what would be the best location for you to move in. There are 2 train or tube stations within the North Finchley area. Here are the main ones

Train or tube station name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Woodside Park Woodside Park Road, London 4.4 49
West Finchley Nether Street, London 4.1 45

Hospitals, pharmacies and doctors in the area of North Finchley

North Finchley has 9 medical institutions. These include hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies and other stores providing medical attention. Here are the details the nearby medical institutions (1000 radius of the area).

Medical institution Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Finchley Memorial Hospital Granville Road, London 3.4 308
My-iClinic 960 High Road, London 4.9 93
The Speedwell Practice 16 Torrington Park, London 2.8 163
Torrington Park Group Practice 16 Torrington Park, London 2.3 111
eCare Patient Services 1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, London N/A N/A
Green Positive 1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, London N/A N/A
CHIROPODY SURGERY 1 Netherfield Road, London N/A N/A
North London Allergy Clinic London Allergy and Immunology Centre 73 Ravensdale Avenue, London N/A N/A
Reco House 928 High Road, London N/A N/A

What else is close by?

We value your opinion about the area of North Finchley

We would love to hear what people like you think of North Finchley. Not only your experience there is valuable to us to understand what makes this area desirable but it might also help people moving into the area feel welcome and feel part of the North Finchley ‘s community.

Let us know what you think of our guide of North Finchley

We need your help to make our guides more useful for our readers.

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Are you looking to buy or sell a property in this area? Have a look at our detailed analysis of the postcodes below

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