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Typical London houses

Wikipedia gives us the quick following overview of the area: “ Maze Hill is an area in Greenwich and Blackheath, in south-east London, lying to the east of Greenwich Park, and west of the Westcombe Park area of Blackheath. It is part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and takes its name from the main thoroughfare, Maze Hill. It gives its name to Maze Hill railway station. “

The amenities you might need in Maze Hill

Below is a list of the places you may want to check out if the area of Maze Hill. This can really help you out when you are moving to an area or neighbourhood.

Post offices in the area of Maze Hill

Want to send and receive parcels easily? There is no better way to do that than having a post office nearby. Not only do they provide post services but post office in Maze Hill can provide a wide range of services such as: sending money or subscribing post insurance. Here is the list of post offices in your next area

Post Office Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Trafalgar Road Post Office 191 Trafalgar Road, London 3.6 77
Westcombe Hill Post Office 6 Stratheden Parade, London 2.7 46
Priority Post Box 31-37 Greenwich Park Street, London 0 0
Tasnim Card and Stationary’s 6 Stratheden Road, Blackheath, London 0 0

Tube & Train stations nearby the area of Maze Hill

Most want transit less than a 15 minute walk from home. We put together train and tube stations in Maze Hill to help find the optimal area for you. It could be that you don’t mind walking or it could be that public transport is necessary for you to get around.

Train or tube station name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Maze Hill United Kingdom 3.6 37

Schools in and around the area of Maze Hill

Having an educational institution close by is a great perk when moving. See the list below of schools located in the Maze Hill vicinity and how they relate to property prices.

School Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Blackheath High School GDST 27 Vanbrugh Park, London 4.8 19
Park Sports Greenwich Park Tennis Park Sports Greenwich Park, Blackheath Avenue, London 4.4 39
Little Cubs Academy Preschool & Nursery Greenwich 100 Old Woolwich Road, London 4.9 27
Ed Bonner Singing Teacher 17 Vanbrugh Park, London N/A N/A
Voice Coach London – Vocal Trademark – Fergus McClelland – 08444 145 945 19 Annandale Road, London N/A N/A
TOM POSTER 62 Annandale Road, London N/A N/A
Alex McManus Drum Teacher 5 Greenwich Park Street, London N/A N/A
Just Two’s Mycenae House, 90 Mycenae Road, London N/A N/A
VIOLIN LESSONS West London Music Tutors 161A Trafalgar Road, London N/A N/A
FLUTE LESSONS West London Music Tutors 220B Trafalgar Road, London N/A N/A
More2Childcare Greenwich Day Nursery and Pre-School Within The Forum at, Trafalgar Road 5 15
GUITAR LESSONS West London Music Tutors Frobisher Court, 10 Old Woolwich Road, London N/A N/A
Ben Singer Music 16C Stratheden Road, London 4.9 12
The John Roan School Westcombe Park Road, London 3.4 41
Studio One Expert 116 King George Street, London 5 1
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Commerell Street, London 1 3
St Ursula’s Convent Secondary School 70 Crooms Hill, London 3.5 22
Greenwich Waldorf School Woodlands, 90 Mycenae Road, Blackheath, London 4.4 8
Meridian Primary School 46 Old Woolwich Road, London 3.6 9
Kids & Co Day Nursery 41 Westcombe Park Road, London N/A N/A

Hospitals, pharmacies and doctors in the area of Maze Hill

We weren’t able to locate medical institutions or stores in this neighbourhood. Let us know in the comments if we are wrong so we can add them to our list.


What to do in Maze Hill

It could be that Maze Hill has a lively atmosphere with many activities happening and there are ways to find this out. To discover what to do in your area, we recommend looking at sites like Timeout that list weekly events in Maze Hill. We want to make finding things easy, so here’s a link to see upcoming happenings in Maze Hill. Also, knowing what’s available in Maze Hill and where helps when getting to know a new place. That’s why we made a map with property price info from this article to simplify your search.

In Maze Hill, what are some things we love?

What makes the heart of Maze Hill? At Cozee we asked ourselves what would define the culture, the vibe of a given area. We have come up with the following elements so whether you are a foodie or a night bird, we got you covered. Check out the different restaurants, pubs, gym that exist in Maze Hill to help you decide to move in there.

Museums & Galleries in the area

The vitality of a community stems from its residents who live, work, and engage with one another. Exploring an area through art offers a fresh perspective. If you’re considering relocating to Maze Hill, we highly suggest exploring the local galleries, museums, and cultural establishments. They offer delightful weekend activities and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the region.

Museum name Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Royal Observatory Greenwich Blackheath Avenue, London N/A N/A
Queen’s House Romney Road, London 4.5 2239
Peter Harrison Planetarium Blackheath Avenue, London 4.5 984
National Maritime Museum Romney Road, London N/A N/A
The Fan Museum 12 Crooms Hill, London 4.5 386
Ranger’s House – The Wernher Collection Chesterfield Walk, London 4.4 214
Altazimuth Pavilion Altazimuth Pavilion, London 4.4 8
Time For The Navy Gallery The Avenue, London 4 1
Flamsteed House Flamsteed House and Harrison’s Sea Clocks, The Avenue, London 4.7 69
Anglo-Saxon Barrow Cemetery Greenwich, London 5 2
National Maritime Museum Gardens King William Walk, London N/A N/A
Royal Museums Greenwich Romney Road, London 4.7 59
Ahoy! Play Area National Maritime Museum, London 4.6 33
royal museums Park Row, London N/A N/A

Are there a lot of supermarkets in Maze Hill?

Out of all the other services in Maze Hill, supermarkets are arguably some of the most important. Take a look at the table below that tells you where the nearest supermarkets are so you can do your shppping conveniently. It would be a shame to move somewhere new and not realise some of your favourite stores aren’t nearby in Maze Hill.

We weren’t able to find any supermarket in this area. If we were wrong, tell us in the comments the name and address of your local supermarket or grocery store. We’ll amend this page

Green spaces and parks of Maze Hill

One of London’s best assets is its green spaces. See if Maze Hill offers room to roam.

Park Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Greenwich Park London 4.7 43571
East Greenwich Pleasaunce 10 Chevening Road, London 4.6 326
Blackheath Prince Charles Road, London 4.6 2186
Greenwich Park Bandstand Great Cross Avenue, London 4.6 109
Greenwich Park Office Blackheath Gate Lodge, Charlton Way, London 3.3 3
Catherine Clancy Garden Design London 42 Langton Way, London 5 5
Batley Park 11-13 Charlton Road, London 3.9 36
Greenwich Park Flower Garden London 4.7 43
The Westcombe Woodlands Seren Park Gardens, London 5 5
Greenwich Park Pond Deer Park Trail, London 4.8 17
Plot 9 Maze Hill Leamington Court, Opposite, London 5 5
The Old Royal Observatory Garden Greenwich Park, The Avenue, London 4.7 384
Mycenae Gardens 90, The Woodlands, Mycenae Road, London 4.8 9
Taran Gardens 1950 Mell Street, London 5 2
National Maritime Museum Gardens King William Walk, London 4.5 4783
The Rose Garden Greenwich, London 4.6 57
Parks and open spaces in the Royal Borough of Greenwich Chesterfield Walk, London 5 34
Westcombe Woodlands Dell 63 Mycenae Road, London 5 1
Blackheath Standard London 4.3 3
Glenister Green 105A Woolwich Road, London 4.5 2

What kind of restaurants are there?

Maze Hill is rich in restaurants, from Indian, Chinese or Italian ones, your area is vibrant with life and the foodies that you may be will surely find what you are looking for.

Restaurant Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Hardy’s Freehouse 88 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 180
Trafalgar Tavern Park Row, London 4.3 5063
The Yacht 5 Crane St, London 4.3 1153
Greenwich Tavern 1 King William Walk, London 4.3 1771
The Royal Standard 44 Vanbrugh Park, Greater, Blackheath, London 4.3 1207
East Greenwich Pleasaunce 10 Chevening Road, London 4.3 326
Real China 141 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 65
La salumeria 184 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 189
BLACK EYE COFFEE 85 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 427
Pathiri Restaurant 119 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 404
Sefa Restaurant 129-131 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 897
Bella Napoli Pizzeria 79 Lassell Street 4.3 144
Star Express 220-222 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 208
Domino’s Pizza – London – Greenwich 201 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 239
Zaibatsu 96 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 1392
Starburger 210-218 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 2
Gurkha’s Inn 17 Colomb Street, London 4.3 333
Morley’s Fried Chicken Greenwich 117 Woolwich Road, London 4.3 245
Papa Johns Pizza 119 Woolwich Road, London 4.3 120
Milano’s Pizza and Chicken 106 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 174


As Londoners, we cherish our local pubs. Maze Hill has some great go-to spots. From smaller, more family run chains to larger pubs like WeatherSpoons, there is a pub for everyone in the area.

Pub name Name Address Description
Admiral Hardy 7 College Approach Greenwich SE10 9HY In the very heart of Greenwich town centre this Grade II-listed pub is sited in the extreme north eastern corner of Greenwich Market. Greenwich Hospital. owner of the site, bought back the outstanding lease on the premises in early 2018 and the pub subsequently closed. Re-opened with operator Mosaic Pub & Dining in July 2019. A former Charrington’s house, its past existence has been uncovered with the old front fascia pub signage once again extolling this previous ownership. A pub on several levels with a first floor dining room too. Seating in the main bar is at a mix of high stools and high tables and normal height tables and chairs. Toilets are down a flight of stairs from the main bar area.
Ashburnham Arms 25 Ashburnham Grove Greenwich SE10 8UH Cosy end of terrace local pub dating from circa 1855 (though interior is of more recent date) and situated within the West Greenwich Conservation Area. Has a very much local or cottagey feel. Pub has a small conservatory called Pamela’s Lounge and also a partially covered outdoor patio area to the rear. Tuesday is quiz and pizza night.
Coach & Horses 13 Greenwich Market Greenwich SE10 9HZ A Grade II-listed pub located inside the historic Greenwich Market. The fairly compact interior has an L-shaped bar, plus there is plenty of outside seating within the covered market area. Can get busy on market days, especially at weekends and is popular with shoppers at lunchtime. Acquired by Young’s as pub operator from Redcomb Pubs in January 2019. 5 handpumps dispensing the two regular and one changing (mainly local) ales.
Crown 176 Trafalgar Road Greenwich SE10 9TZ Refurbished and relaunched a short while after the end of the Covid-19 lockdowns, the Crown feels rejuvenated and yet reassuringly traditional. Inside, the original bar and mirrored back still take centre stage. Tries to keep an interesting balance of local and nationally available beers. Recent experience here is of only one cask ale being available at any one time although there are two handpumps and sometimes no cask is available at all. Card payment only.
Cutty Sark 4-6 Ballast Quay Greenwich SE10 9PD Grade II listed Georgian pub (though much of the interior is of later date) on the banks of the River Thames with views of Canary Wharf and the iconic O2 entertainment venue. The pub is spread over three levels and also has a riverside outdoor seating area. Quiz night on Wednesdays.
Davy’s Wine Vaults 161 Greenwich High Road Greenwich SE10 8JA A characterful ground floor wine bar which also sells Davy’s Old Wallop (brewed by Eagle as a Courage brand) direct from the cask. There are dining areas as well as less formal bar areas separated by partitions and the occasional low beam. Food is British with seasonal ingredients.
Duke of Greenwich 91 Colomb Street Greenwich SE10 9EZ Having closed in March 2022 when the licensee of 18 years retired, the pub reopened in mid-July 2023 with a new name and management, now a sister pub to the Jolly Gardeners in Kennington. Friendly, popular local tucked away at the end of a side street off the main Trafalgar Road in a quiet residential area, in the eastern side of Greenwich. Has a bare-boarded L-shaped bar at the front leading around to a separate dining area at the rear with an open-to-view kitchen and with a ramped slope up to a further rear seating area (the “Cabin”). There is also a spacious outdoor drinking area at the rear. The 3 handpumps and 10 keg taps offer regularly changing beers focusing on south London breweries. The keg taps dispense a mixture of keg and membrane keg beers, some of the latter meeting CAMRA’s definition of real ale. There is also usually a cider on one of the three handpumps and this sometimes dispenses cider meeting CAMRA’s definition of real cider.
Enderby House 23 Telegraph Avenue Greenwich SE10 0TH A spacious Thames-side Young’s pub opened in spring 2021 and situated approximately one mile east of Greenwich town centre. Housed in the Grade II listed Enderby House and adjoining modern extension incorporating a roof terrace. Two casks beers are available on handpump, along with a wide selection of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Gate Clock 210 Creek Road Greenwich SE10 9EJ Although lacking any noteworthy views, this pub is near all the main Greenwich attractions. Customers are an international and occupational mix of students, city professionals, the retired, tourists and locals. During local University terms this pub is very much the heart of student social life. A modest and contemporary building with drinking and eating set over two floors, plus a small area of covered seating outside at the front. Convenient for Greenwich Park, the Old Royal Naval College and the National Maritime Museum. The ground floor bar counter has 10 handpumps in 2 banks, each of 5. The upstairs bar has 5 handpumps and operates for shorter hours than the downstairs bar.
Gipsy Moth 60 Greenwich Church Street Greenwich SE10 9BL Busy pub in a prominent position next to the Cutty Sark tea clipper in the centre of the Greenwich World Heritage Site. Has a large rear conservatory and spacious partially covered patio area (closes at 9pm). Beer range includes two on handpump and a selection of craft beers on tap. Holds barbecues Thu-Sat during the summer.
Greenwich Tavern 1 King William Walk Greenwich SE10 9JH Pleasant pub situated on a corner site opposite the entrance to Greenwich Park (lower main gates) and the National Maritime Museum, and also close to Greenwich Theatre and the Fan Museum so very popular with tourists. Has a partially covered courtyard area. Seating inside is on several levels with contemporary furnishings and decor. 4 handpumps free to sell a range of local and national real ales.
Greenwich Yacht Club Pear Tree Wharf, 1 Pear Tree Way Greenwich SE10 0BW Founded in 1908, but moved to the current clubhouse in 2000. The clubhouse is a two storey building sitting on stilts in the River Thames. It is accessed by a footbridge or by boat. The bar is on the top floor and has floor to ceiling windows, concertina doors at both ends and a surrounding balcony boasting outstanding views of some of London’s iconic structures including The Millennium Dome (O2), The Thames Barrier and the Emirates Cable Car. Entirely managed and staffed by volunteers.
Guildford Arms 55 Guildford Grove Greenwich SE10 8JY A handsome locally listed Regency style pub on the corner of Guildford Grove within the Ashburnham Triangle conservation area in Greenwich. The pub is predominantly food orientated specialising in British food. Two real ales are usually available. There is also a large multi-level garden to the rear. Closed on Mondays. Frequent tap takeovers and interesting guest ales. 2 handpumps.
Hardy’s Free House 92 Trafalgar Road Greenwich SE10 9UW Ungentrified Irish pub with an interior featuring old Irish road signs amongst other things and pastel dark green walls. On two levels, the second, raised, one is soon encountered upon entry. Several large TV screens show a constant variety of sports. To the rear there is a yard type garden with tables and chairs and a covered smoking area. Thai food is served Thursdays to Sunday. The attached former Green Pea restaurant was converted into a wine and cocktail bar area in 2021 but its current status is not known. The bar counter is adorned with three handpumps and occasionally a second cask ale is available (Ruddles has been seen).
Kings Arms 16 King William Walk Greenwich SE10 9JH Spacious, traditional, family friendly pub situated close to Greenwich Park and the National Maritime Museum, making it popular with tourists too. Outdoor seating area at the rear. Various meal deals on offer (some with drinks included). Quiz night Wednesday. Generally three or four of the displayed cask beers are available at any one time, includes a mix of guest beers and those from the Greene King stable.
Lost Hour 217-219 Greenwich High Road Greenwich SE10 8NB Following the refurbishment in 2017 the pub now has a contemporary interior, this is coupled with a significant move away from being just a sports bar. Spread over 2 floors, there is a pool table on the upper floor and the large pub also has a selection of playable retro console games. There are 4 handpumps on the ground floor bar counter. In addition to acceptance of CAMRA 50p discount vouchers the pub also runs a buy 7 get the 8th free cask ale collector card scheme.
Mitre 291 Greenwich High Road Greenwich SE10 8NA Deceptively spacious pub in a Grade II listed building situated in Greenwich town centre. Accommodation is available with the Innkeeper’s Lodge room facility. Popular with both locals and visitors. Has several outdoor seating areas and a bright conservatory area at the rear. Holds regular live music on Saturday nights and major sports events are shown. Quiz night is Sunday. Toilets are accessible via a steep flight of stairs. Long L shaped bar counter, bounded by floor tiling on an otherwise bare board floor. Refurbished in April 2022. Card payment only.
Morden Arms 1 Brand Street Greenwich SE10 8SP Unpretentious, without an external pub sign or even name, this ex-Courage corner house is now an independent venue with a strong orientation to live music. One of a dying breed of back-street boozers in the area, quite spartan inside, it has a clientele of locals and music lovers. A free cheese board is available on Sunday, cribbage night is on Monday and quiz night on Wednesday. 4 handpumps. Cash payment only here, no cards accepted.
Observatory 31 Entertainment Avenue, The O2 Greenwich SE10 0DY Formerly a Harvester, in 2020 this was converted to the Nicholson chain format which has seen the introduction of real ale and the extension of opening hours. For precise early and late food serving times check pub’s website or telephone in advance. Advance restaurant bookings may be made here on the website or by telephone. 5 handpumps. A non-real cider is sometimes sold on handpump.
Old Brewery The Pepys Building, The Old Royal Naval College Greenwich SE10 9LW Located within the historic setting of the Old Royal Naval College that forms part of the Greenwich World Heritage site. Lease was taken over by Young’s from the local Meantime Brewery in early 2016. Currently serves two Eagle Brewery Young’s brand cask ales, with the main focus being craft beers on tap. Also has an extensive range of bottled beers. A refurbishment is scheduled for September 2016 including plans to install a mezzanine level in the rear room. Young’s is also exploring the possibility of bringing in a partner to restart brewing in the on-site micro-brewery.
Olde Rose & Crown 1 Crooms Hill Greenwich SE10 8ER Traditionally furnished pub next door to Greenwich Theatre with wooden tables and chairs. Rebuilt in 1888. L-shaped bar with dark painted ceiling. Located close to the centre of Greenwich.
Oystercatcher Kings Lodge, 7 Victoria Parade Greenwich SE10 9FR Opened 17th April 2019 as the first licensed venue in this building, with a stunning riverside situation and next door to the The Sail Loft pub. Superb cross river views with riverside terrace seating. Inside the venue is split over two floors, with bar and open to view kitchen on the ground floor and a smaller bar and restaurant upstairs. Real ales sold from 3 handpumps only on the ground floor bar counter. Various keg beers are sold as is tanked beer from Battersea Brewery dispensed from copper coloured overhead containers on both floors, 2 tanks on each floor. Toilets are upstairs. Bar snacks are served and there is also a full restaurant menu with an extensive food menu including dry age steaks and, yes, oysters. There is an optional 12.5% gratuity added to any food bill.
Pelton Arms 23-25 Pelton Road Greenwich SE10 9PQ Built 1844 named after the Pelton colliery, Chester-le-Street, near Durham, hence the pub sign design. A classic corner street pub in quiet terraced streets situated just off the Thames Path, thus a short half mile stroll from Greenwich town centre. L-shaped bar with a variety of seating styles and mixture of lights to give a warm ambiance. Bar Billiards and Darts, live music features, along with quiz nights and a Knitting Club. 10 handpumps. Local CAMRA branch Pub of the Year 2016. Sister pub to the Shortlands Tavern in Bromley.
Pilot Inn 68 River Way Greenwich SE10 0BE Expect a great range of Fuller’s beers in this pub, which used to be at the centre of intense industrial activity and is now one of the oldest buildings on the North Greenwich Peninsula. Although built in 1801, the pub has been substantially altered inside and out so that almost nothing obviously old remains. Spread over three levels, the pub was extensively refurbished in mid-2013 and now has more contemporary look. A new 50 cover dining area was also added which in the summer months opens out directly onto the rear garden area which features individual covered booths. In addition there is a private function room with balcony. The attached hotel accommodation has 10 boutique bedrooms.
Plume of Feathers 19 Park Vista Greenwich SE10 9LZ With parts dating from 1691, this cosy, historic pub is opposite the northern edge of Greenwich Park, close to the National Maritime Museum. The maritime location is reflected inside the bar with much memorabilia on display. As well as bar meals, there is a separate restaurant to the rear. There is a pleasant garden area. Has a football team (The Plume Rockets) and golf society. 4 handpumps on the bar counter. Friday and Saturday midnight closing not always adhered to so ring ahead if planning such a late visit.
Prince of Greenwich 72 Royal Hill Greenwich SE10 8RT Friendly and welcoming Victorian pub a short stroll from Greenwich town centre. Refurbished and re-opened in late 2015 under new Sicilian-born management. Inside, the décor must be one the most eclectic, but tasteful, mixes in any SE London pub with the walls adorned with pictures of jazz singers, along with a rhino head and a whale bone! Visitors can even relax on a chaise longue. Food is served all day and unsurprisingly has an Italian theme with pizzas a speciality. There is also a first floor restaurant. Italian cinema club every Tuesday at 8.30pm.
Richard I 52-54 Royal Hill Greenwich SE10 8RT Located in quiet Royal Hill on the edge of Greenwich town centre and popular with locals. Often nicknamed Tolly’s after a previous brewery owner of the pub, Tolly Cobbold until the 1970s. The long, narrow bar area opens out into a large, airy conservatory that was added as part of a 2014 refurbishment. Beyond the conservatory is a spacious, heated garden area. In March 2022 the pub underwent a comprehensive refurbishment, including extending into the former Greenwich Union pub next door.
River Ale House 131 Woolwich Road Greenwich SE10 0RJ A micropub which opened on 13th September 2017 in a former lingerie and hosiery business. It is quite large as micropubs go with two rooms; both are bare board floored. The front one contains the bar counter and there’s a smaller drinking area, down a small ramp, to the rear. The interior has a basic but comfortable feel with exposed brickwork and furniture and fixtures fabricated from scaffolding boards. Seating is at high back wooden wall-mounted settles and high tables. There is an extensive range of both cask ales and ciders served on gravity dispense from a temperature-controlled room behind the bar counter. They are listed on blackboards above the bar counter (cask ales) and to the right of it (ciders) and in addition a daily detailed cask ale tasting notes list is readily available, placed on every table. A range of wines, up to a dozen gins and several other spirits are also on offer. An order-in pizza delivery service is partnered here with a nearby supplier, ask behind bar for details. Lined glasses for many pints and halves, ensuring full measures every time, however usually not when a brewery branded glass is in use. A great asset to the area, especially as the pub intends to always have a balance of pale and dark ales on offer from near and far. Mobile phones to be set to silent please. Background recorded music may often be playing. Card payments accepted. There may be a 5p rounding price mark-up on some half pint measures. SPBW London Pub of the Year 2019 – a great achievement in its first year of eligibility. 2022 CAMRA SE London Branch Pub of the Year (and previously in 2019) and its 2023 Cider Pub of the Year too (and previously in 2019, 2020 and 2022).
Sail Loft 11 Victoria Parade Greenwich SE10 9FR A Fuller’s pub on the waterfront at Greenwich which opened in January 2016 giving commanding views of the Thames and Canary Wharf on 3 sides of 2 floors. In contrast to the majority of pubs in the area this is a modern design, with exposed ducting, in a new build development. There is a large island bar with 8 handpumps in 2 banks (each of 4) and an open-to-view kitchen on the ground floor. Seating of different types and styles surrounds the bar with ample available for both diners and drinkers. The toilets are upstairs where there is another smaller bar with 3 handpumps and further mixed seating. Bar snacks are served and there is also a full restaurant menu with a 12.5% gratuity added to any dining bill.
Spanish Galleon 48 Greenwich Church Street Greenwich SE10 9BL Dating from 1834 and retaining some original features, this Grade II-listed pub is located in the centre of Greenwich, close to the market and the Cutty Sark. Has two bars, separated by a food counter, and a rear conservatory. Came under new management in May 2022. The food offering is provided by Slap & Pickle and is based on burgers, fries, etc.

Gyms and leisure centre in the area of Maze Hill

As remote work becomes more prevalent, there’s a corresponding rise in gym attendance to maintain fitness. With options like David Lloyd, TheGym, and others, Maze Hill could be instrumental in helping you stay in shape – a valuable amenity in close proximity.

Gym Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Pip’s Pilates 49B Ulundi Road, London 4.3 N/A
Strongeryou Performance Club – Greenwich 152 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 29
The Cat Pose Pilates & Rehab’s Mat Studio, 81 Lassell Street, London 4.3 N/A
Burn It Fitness 188 Westcombe Hill, London 4.3 54
Universal Yoga Life 20 Westcombe Park Road, London 4.3 N/A
Cecilia Winter Yoga 68 Coleraine Road, London 4.3 N/A
Pilates Plus London 109 Humber Road, London 4.3 6
LoveFitness 80 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 N/A
British Military Fitness Blackheath, Charlton Way, London 4.3 7
Blackheath Yoga Group Mycenae House, Mycenae Road, Blackheath, London 4.3 1
One one one pilates 85 Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 N/A
111 Pilates Greenwich 115a Trafalgar Road, London 4.3 1
Vanbrugh Physiotherapy Clinic 9 Lambarde Square, London 4.3 135
Fisher Fitness Lombard House, Langdale Road, London 4.3 N/A
The Greenwich Centre 12 Lambarde Square, London 4.3 164
MoreYoga EAST GREENWICH BRANCH, 12 Lambarde Square, London 4.3 27
RayChanPT 3 Woolwich Road, London 4.3 17
FITSTUDIOZ – Personal Training – Greenwich 3-5 Woolwich Road, London 4.3 36
Body Control Fitness 3-5 Woolwich Road, London 4.3 N/A

Other areas nearby

What do you think about Maze Hill?

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