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Wikipedia gives us the quick following overview of the area: “ East Ham is a district of the London Borough of Newham, England, 8 miles (12.8 km) east of Charing Cross. Within the boundaries of the historic county of Essex, East Ham is identified in the London Plan as a Major Centre. The population is 76,186. “

The facilities you might need in East Ham

We have compiled for you a list of the different places you might want to check in East Ham name before moving in the neighbourhood.

How many hospitals, pharmacies and doctors are there in East Ham?

East Ham has 7 medical institutions. These include hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies and other stores providing medical attention. Here are the details the nearby medical institutions (1000 radius of the area).

Medical institution Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Lathom Road Medical Centre 2A Lathom Road, London 2.9 82
MG Hair & Body Treatments 50 Barking Road, London N/A N/A
Boleyn Medical Centre 1st Floor, Boleyn Medical Centre, 152 Barking Road, London 2.7 116
Agiletic Caledon Road, London N/A N/A
Shrewsbury Road Health Clinic Shrewsbury Road, London 3.7 19
Dataves Medics Ltd 37 Ranelagh Road, London 3 1
ProMed International House, 776-778 Barking Road, London 4.9 35

Tube & Train stations nearby East Ham

We assembled the train and tube stations of East Ham in a convenient table below so you can find the best location for you to live if transport connections are important to you.

Train or tube station name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
East Ham High Street North, London 3.7 203

Are there many post offices in the region of East Ham?

Nearby post offices simplify sending and getting packages. East Ham branches also offer services like money orders and insurance along with mail services. Here they are along with their proximity to the area.

Post Office Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
High Street North (256) Post Office 256 High Street North, London 2.8 27
High Street South Post Office 144 High Street South, London 3.3 42
City of Praise Second Floor, 90-96 High Street North, London 0 0
WHSmith East Ham Post Office 125 High Street North, London 1.9 133
Barking Road Post Office 475 Barking Road, London 3.7 54
Victoria Ave Priority Post Box – Royal Mail Victoria Avenue, London 0 0
NT TRADE LTD 228A High Street North, London 0 0
Kaya Post Office & Off Licence 256 High Street North, London 5 5
Post Office 774 Barking Road, London 3 96
Royal Mail Post Box 432 Green Street, London 0 0
Royal Mail post box Forest Gate, London 0 0

In East Ham, what schools are nearby?

Having a school near the place you live is a great feature of the property you are about to move in. Please find below a list of the schools within the area of East Ham.

School Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
The Enchanted Castle (Day Nursery) LTD 557-565 Barking Road, London 4.8 28
Newham Pre-school Learning Alliance St Alban’s Christian Church Centre, 157a Wakefield Street, London 4 1
Newham Academy of Music 65 Hartley Avenue, London N/A N/A
Aagash Education Centre 95A Katherine Road, London 3.6 16
Pre-School Learning Alliance 8, Fellowship House, Saint Bartholomew’s Road, London N/A N/A
Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) 326 Barking Road, London 2.7 16
Dase Nursery 2, 51-57 High Street South, London N/A N/A
Imam Zakariya Academy 236-238 High Street North, London 4.3 14
Kumon Maths & English Flanders Community Centre, 116 Napier Road, London 5 1
Central Park Primary School Central Park Road, London 4 26
Kumon Maths & English Boleyn House, 776-778 Barking Road, London 4 3
Hartley Primary School Hartley Avenue, London 3.9 19
Plashet School Plashet Grove, London 4.2 15
Nelson Primary School Napier Road, London N/A N/A
Cleves Primary School Arragon Road, London 4.6 14
Lathom Junior School Lathom Road, London 4.6 10
Altmore Infant School 101 Altmore Avenue, London 4.7 7
Tiny Feet 2 Southend Road, London 4 2
The Alphabet House Nursery School – Canberra 1 Didsbury Close, London 4.4 48
St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Howard Road, London 4.4 10

Things that make us love East Ham

What makes the heart of East Ham? At Cozee we asked ourselves what would define the culture, the vibe of a given area. We have come up with the following elements so whether you are a foodie or a night bird, we got you covered. Check out the different restaurants, pubs, gym that exist in East Ham to help you decide to move in there.

Galleries and Museums

Art helps discover an area’s culture. Galleries and museums are great weekend enjoyment and you can find where all the fun is happening by checking out the museum and galleries table for East Ham below.

Museum name Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
The Who Shop – Upton Park 39-41 Barking Road, London 4.5 1333
LLL Getaways 776-778 Barking Road, London 4.6 5

Parks and green spaces in East Ham

One of London’s best features is its many green spaces. See if East Ham offers space for strolls or picnics.

Park Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Jubilee Gardens Belvedere Road, London 4.5 1413
Elm Court 1 Pump Court, London 4.3 6
Middle Temple Gardens 3 Middle Temple Lane, Temple, London 4.7 82
Bernie Spain Gardens South Bank, London 4.4 488
Bloomsbury Square Garden 14 Bloomsbury Square, London 4.3 2017
The Phoenix Garden 21 Stacey Street, London 4.6 461
LGBT Chairs ️‍ Ground Floor, South East Wing, Bush House, 300 Strand, London 5 1
Victoria Embankment Gardens 4 Temple Place, Temple, London N/A N/A
Potnotch Jubilee Market, Tavistock Street, London 5 1
London Memorial Garden Savoy Place, London 3.8 4
Drury Lane Gardens 58 Drury Lane, London 3.9 16
Fountain Court Temple, London 4.6 8
Southbank boardwalk South Bank, Unnamed Road, London 4.8 13
Street Art Skaterpark 337-338 Belvedere Road, London N/A N/A
National Theatre garden terrace South Bank, National Theatre, London N/A N/A
The Diamond Jubilee Penny Maze Henrietta Street, London 5 1
Southbank (River Thames South) Walkpath. Unnamed Road, London 4.8 18
Victoria Embankment Gardens Villiers Street, London 4.6 2523
Diamond Jubilee Garden St Pauls Church, Bedford Street, London 4.4 12
BIG 7 7 Bell Yard, London N/A N/A

Are there a lot of supermarkets in East Ham?

Perhaps one of the most common amenities in East Ham would be supermarkets. Below, you will be able to tell what type of supermarket there are in East Ham and what company operates here.

We weren’t able to find any supermarket in this area. If we were wrong, tell us in the comments the name and address of your local supermarket or grocery store. We’ll amend this page

Restaurants in the area

East Ham has a range of different places to eat. From Chinese, Indian or Italian ones, your area is vibrant with life and if you are a foodie you will surely find what you are looking for here.

Restaurant Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Domino’s Pizza – London – East Ham 136 Barking Road, London 4.3 467
Speedy Noodle 403 Barking Road, London 4.3 541
Papa Johns Pizza 146 Barking Road, London 4.3 169
Kebabish Original 306 Barking Road, London 4.3 331
Ercan Fish Bar London 59 Barking Road, London 4.3 215
Squires Cafe & Restaurant, London 272 Barking Road, London 4.3 120
Rustix Gourmet 252 Barking Road, London 4.3 491
Best Turkish Kebab East Ham 302 Barking Road, London 4.3 847
Kuramoh Lounge Pan-African Restaurant 308 Barking Road, London 4.3 124
Ananthapuri 200 High Street North, London 4.3 29
Sam’s Chicken 389 Barking Road, London 4.3 414
Hyderabadi Bawarchi Indian restaurant 9 Ron Leighton Way, London 4.3 1158
Baba Turkish Kebab 126 High Street North, London 4.3 102
Pepe’s 135 High Street North, London 4.3 677
Peri Peri Chicken & Pizza 132 Barking Road, London 4.3 139
Subway 185A, 185B, High Street North, London 4.3 242
Bipin Maharjan 74 Altmore Avenue, London 4.3 3
Dixy Chicken London 198A High Street North, London 4.3 90
Royal Chef London 223 High Street North, London 4.3 430
Alex’s Place 227 Barking Road, London 4.3 429

Gyms in East Ham

More at-home work means more gym-goers. Major chains make staying active in East Ham easy.

Gym Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Oasis Sports Centre 32 Endell Street, London 4.3 788
Virgin Active Shell-Mex House, 80 Strand, London 4.3 299
Gymbox Holborn 100 High Holborn, London 4.3 340
Nuffield Health Covent Garden Fitness and Wellbeing Gym 9 Endell Street, London 4.3 130
Fitness First 6 Bedford Street, London 4.3 345
Yogarise Covent Garden – Yoga classes in Covent Garden, London 13 Mercer Street, London 4.3 62
Jubilee Hall Gym 30 The Piazza, London 4.3 111
Covent Garden Physiotherapy Ground Floor, Durham House, 1 Durham House Street, London 4.3 46
PureGym London Waterloo 11-15 Brad Street, London 4.3 234
Body Control Pilates 35 Little Russell Street, London 4.3 36
The Health Club at One Aldwych One Aldwych Hotel, 1 Aldwych, Covent Garden, London 4.3 16
CryoAction Limited 71-75 Shelton Street, London 4.3 1
The Gym Group London Charing Cross 17-21 Northumberland Avenue, London 4.3 227
Fujian White Crane Kung Fu & Tai Chi – Covent Garden & West End Green Dragon House, 23 Stukeley Street, London 4.3 N/A
Digme Fitness Covent Garden 4-10 Tower Street, London 4.3 150
Boom Cycle – Holborn 16 Procter Street, London 4.3 91
The Gym Group London Holborn Circus 1 Thavies Inn, Holborn Circus, London 4.3 263
Central Health Physiotherapy Quality House, 5-9 Quality Court, London 4.3 299
Tranquility Pilates Studio Ltd 16-18, New Bridge Street, London 4.3 5
ESPA Life at Corinthia Whitehall Place, London 4.3 246

Are there any good pubs in East Ham?

As Londoners, we cherish our local pubs. East Ham has some great go-to spots. From smaller, more family run chains to larger pubs like WeatherSpoons, there is a pub for everyone in the area.

Pub name Name Address Description
Boleyn Tavern 1 Barking Road East Ham E6 1PW Built by Cannon Brewery in 1899, architects Shoebridge and Rising. Until 2016 when West Ham United Football Club’s stadium, the Boleyn Ground, closed. The pub was the centre of the universe on match days. Reopened in June 2021 after a spectacular £1.5 million restoration by Remarkable Pubs with the aim of making the interior look like it was when it first opened. New hand-crafted wooden screens have been created, complete with acid-etched and brilliant cut glass, replicating one of the original wood and glass panels in the old saloon bar. This means the original seven bar layout has been restored. The highlight is the massive coloured glass skylight that spans what once would have been a billiards room, but is now an open kitchen, servery and dining area. In September 2023 the pub was operating a “Beer Card” system whereby you get a beer card stamped when you buy a beer. When the card is full (9 stamps) you qualify for a free beer. This is open to all customers.
Denmark Arms 381 Barking Road East Ham E6 1LA This grade II listed building, opposite East Ham town hall, dates from about 1890 and extended in about 1900. Now an Antic pub and having their usual interior design of going back to basics. This time it shows the old layout of a multi-room bar. With a function room upstairs available, being used for Arts & Craft fairs, Vinyl fairs, Love music and shows. A popular Pub Quiz is hosted on Thursday night.

What to do in East Ham

There are always activities happening in lively East Ham. Timeout posts weekly on events there, so browse their site for ideas. We included a link to their East Ham page to make finding local happenings easier. Getting to know a new area is easier with an overview of offerings and locations. Our map pulls together property price info and other details from this article to give you a East Ham snapshot.

What areas are nearby?

What do you think about East Ham?

Feedback is always important when it comes to anything and when it comes to our blog, your feedback could help other individuals moving in to the area of East Ham and could also help us understand you that bit better. If you would like, leave some feedback below on your insight into East Ham. It would be great to hear from you.

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