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Streets of London

Find out a general overview of the area using Wikipedia gives us the quick following overview of the area: “ De Beauvoir Town is a neighbourhood in east London and is in the London Borough of Hackney, 2 miles (3.2 km) north of the City of London. The area was a part of Hackney, the Ancient Parish and subsequent Metropolitan Borough that was incorporated into the larger modern borough. It is sometimes described as a part of Dalston, which is in turn also a part of the former parish and borough of Hackney. “

What to do in the area of De Beauvoir Town

There’s always something going on in a vibrant area like De Beauvoir Town. For ideas on activities, check Timeout which updates weekly on local events. We’re including a link to their De Beauvoir Town listings to help you easily find stuff happening soon. A great way to get oriented in a new area is seeing what’s around and where. Our map gathers property price details and other info from this article to give you a snapshot of De Beauvoir Town offerings.

The facilities you might need in De Beauvoir Town

We have compiled for you a list of the different places you might want to check in De Beauvoir Town name before moving in the neighbourhood.

Post offices in and around the area of De Beauvoir Town

Want to send and receive parcels easily? There is no better way to do that than having a post office nearby. Not only do they provide post services but post office in De Beauvoir Town can provide a wide range of services such as: sending money or subscribing post insurance. Here is the list of post offices in your next area

Post Office Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Hoxton Post Office 101 Hoxton Street, London 3.8 119
Kingsland Road Post Office 416 Kingsland Road, London 3.4 81
Royal Mail Islington Delivery Office Eagle Wharf Road, New North Road, London 2.5 135
Essex Road Post Office 238 Essex Road, London 4.4 473
Hackney Road Post Office 178 Hackney Road, London 4.1 99
Murray Grove Post Office 96-97 Murray Grove, London 3.5 55

Hospitals, pharmacies and doctors in the area of De Beauvoir Town

De Beauvoir Town has 4 medical institutions. These include hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies and other stores providing medical attention. Here are the details the nearby medical institutions (1000 radius of the area).

Medical institution Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
St Leonard’s Hospital Nuttall Street, London 3.4 59
Ivy Centre (Homerton Sexual Health) – Appointment Only Nuttall Street, London 4.1 67
New North Health Centre 287-293 New North Road, London 2.6 16
Moorfields Eye Clinic – HOXTON HUB 3 Bracklyn Street, London 3.9 20

Tube & Train stations in and around De Beauvoir Town

Most want transit less than a 15 minute walk from home. We put together train and tube stations in De Beauvoir Town to help find the optimal area for you. It could be that you don’t mind walking or it could be that public transport is necessary for you to get around.

Train or tube station name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Hoxton Geffrye Street, London 4.4 53
Haggerston United Kingdom 3.9 48

In De Beauvoir Town, what schools are nearby?

Having an educational institution close by is a great perk when moving. See the list below of schools located in the De Beauvoir Town vicinity and how they relate to property prices.

School Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Kindred Islington Nursery & Preschool Shepperton House, 83 – 93 Shepperton Road, London 4.5 8
SAE Institute London SAE House, 297 Kingsland Road, London 3.4 58
The Bridge Academy Laburnum Street, London 2.9 71
Rotherfield Primary School Rotherfield Street, London 4.7 16
Rosemary Works School 1 Branch Place, London 4 8
Shoreditch Park Primary School 113 Bridport Place, London 4.2 14
De Beauvoir Primary School Beechwood Road, London 4.5 8
Comet Nursery School & Children’s Centre 20 Halcomb Street, London 4.3 16
Happy Nest Nursery London 4.6 10
SAE Bankstock 42, 44 De Beauvoir Crescent, London 4.5 2
The Mustard School Nuttall Street, London N/A N/A
Randal Cremer Primary School Ormsby Street, London 4.9 11
City Vocal Coach 128 Hoxton Street, London 5 90
Hackney Tuition Centre – English, Maths & Science Tuition 108 Weymouth Terrace, London 4.6 18
One World Nursery Hackney College Hackney Community College, Falkirk Street, London N/A N/A
Hack Ballet 31 Falkirk Street, London N/A N/A
Early Start Playgroup 3A Cropley Street, London 5 2
Primary Advantage Holy Trinity Primary School, Beechwood Road, London N/A N/A
Easy Logic Pro Benyon Wharf, 295 Kingsland Road, London N/A N/A
Jessica Elliott 35 Kingsland Road, London 5 1

In De Beauvoir Town, what are some things we love?

What makes the heart of De Beauvoir Town? At Cozee we asked ourselves what would define the culture, the vibe of a given area. We have come up with the following elements so whether you are a foodie or a night bird, we got you covered. Check out the different restaurants, pubs, gym that exist in De Beauvoir Town to help you decide to move in there.

What kind of restaurants are there?

De Beauvoir Town is able to produce a large amount of different cuisines if you are looking. Take a look at the table below to find the most popular places to eat if you are a resident of De Beauvoir Town.

Restaurant Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
The Scolt Head 107A Culford Road, London 4.3 1191
Sông Quê Café 134 Kingsland Road, London 4.3 2045
The Haggerston 438 Kingsland Road, London 4.3 644
WaterHouse Hoxton 10 Orsman Road, London 4.3 82
Mien Tay 106-108 Kingsland Road, London 4.3 770
Studio Kitchen 49-50 Eagle Wharf Road, London 4.3 245
The Kings Head 257 Kingsland Road, London 4.3 249
Towpath 42 De Beauvoir Crescent, London 4.3 740
Viet Grill 58 Kingsland Road, London 4.3 790
Tây Đô Cafe (Vietnamese Cuisine) 65 Kingsland Road, London 4.3 641
De Beauvoir Deli (shop & takeaway) 98 Southgate Road, London 4.3 451
Papa Johns Pizza 202 Hoxton Street London, and City 4.3 201
The George & Vulture 63 Pitfield Street, London 4.3 1040
Viet Hoa Cafe & Mess 70-72 Kingsland Road, London 4.3 307
The Hunter S 194 Southgate Road, London 4.3 595
Sweet Thursday 95 Southgate Road, London 4.3 551
Anjelique Sandwich Bar & Café 255 Hoxton Street, London 4.3 42
Kitchen Dhaanya 106 Hoxton Street, London 4.3 169
Arepa & Co Venezuelan Restaurant – Haggerston 58A De Beauvoir Crescent, London 4.3 1790
The Stag’s Head 55 Orsman Road, London 4.3 383

Parks and green spaces in De Beauvoir Town

Big green spaces cover the UK and London. However, it may be hard to work out just how much green space there is by just looking at a map. Here is a table below that shows you the green space of De Beauvoir Town in more detail.

Park Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Stonebridge Gardens 6 Arbutus Street, London 4.3 310
Apples & Pears Hoxton Garden 28 Pearson Street, London 4.8 19
Arlington Square Garden Arlington Square, London 4.6 160
Rosemary Gardens 14-18 Southgate Road, London 4.4 578
St. Mary’s Secret Garden 50 Pearson Street, London 4.6 102
Shoreditch Park 188 New North Road, London 4.3 2773
Kingsland Towpath Walkpath. (Haggerston) 76 De Beauvoir Crescent, London 5 1
Ufton Gardens Corner of Downham and, Ufton Road, London 4.4 19
Nuttall Park Whitmore Estate, London 3.7 3
Four leaf clovers 30 Mawson Court, Gopsall Street, London N/A N/A
De Beauvoir Square De Beauvoir Square, London 4.7 57
De Beauvoir Rose Garden 26 De Beauvoir Square, London 4.7 133
Stonebridge Common 264 Haggerston Road, London 5 1
The Hoxton Trust 156 Hoxton Street, London 4 84
Friends of Wilton Square Wilton Square, London N/A N/A
Albion Square Albion Square, London N/A N/A
Kingsland Estate London 4 1
Rotherfield Court Park London 4.5 2
Museum of the Home 136 Kingsland Road, London 4.4 1747
russet gardens 482 Kingsland Road, London N/A N/A

Galleries and Museums

The vitality of a region is shaped by its residents who live, work, and engage with one another. Exploring an area through art offers a fresh perspective. If you’re considering relocating to De Beauvoir Town, we highly suggest exploring the local galleries, museums, and cultural establishments. These venues offer delightful experiences, especially on weekends.

Museum name Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Sistine Chapel London Flat 8, Kinder House, 8 Mintern Street, London 4.4 7
Acton Estate Mosaic Haggerston, London N/A N/A
Laarc 46 Eagle Wharf Road, London N/A N/A
Museum of the Home 136 Kingsland Road, London 4.4 1760
Braille Window 24 Tottenham Road, London 5 1
Clowns Gallery-Museum 2 Cumberland Close, London 4.3 8


As Londoners at Cozee, we cherish our weekly visits to the local pub. Why not embrace the same in your new living space? We’ve diligently tested and reviewed all the pubs in De Beauvoir Town – well, not literally, but we wish we had! Here’s our list of the finest pubs in De Beauvoir Town.

Pub name Name Address Description
Albion 10 Thornhill Road London N1 1HW A very beautiful, late Georgian, ivy-clad building which was once a coaching inn. The Albion won The Observer Food Monthly award for “Best Sunday Lunch 2009” and is one of The Independent’s “Top 50 Sunday Lunch Venues” and The Guardian’s “Best Pubs in the UK”. Example dishes include Lamb Shoulder Shepherds Pie with Buttered Carrots for £14.50 and Smoked Haddock & Salmon Fishcake w Peas a la Francaise & Soft Poached Hen’s Egg for £15.50.
Alpaca 84-86 Essex Road London N1 8LU Closed for approx 2 months from beginning of Jan 2020 for a comprehensive refurb and now reopened as The Alpaca – we were reassured this would not have any impact upon its listed features.
Alwyne Castle 83 St Pauls Road London N1 2LY Trading for a while as just The Alwyne (the Alwyne family were Earls of Northumberland and Lords of Canonbury Manor), the pub is now a typical Islington upmarket refurbishment with voluminous sofas, low tables and exposed ducting. Gastro-pub style food is offered daily, for fuller details go to their website with sample menus. There is a large outside seating area with patio heaters. Tuesday quiz nights. Disabled people will welcome the ramped access and accessible toilet. As well as the draught cask beers a selection of Czech pilsners, German lagers and American “craft” beers are available.
Angelic 57 Liverpool Road London N1 0RJ Formerly The George, a Greene King pub, this is an imposing Victorian pub next to Sainsburys; which in its current incarnation places it firmly into the gastro camp. It is large and open yet still retains some original features, namely the bar areas and support pillars, ceiling and tiles above the back bar, windows, door and fireplace. The huge windows let in lots of light and the sofas around the fireplaces are popular spots. An indoor fountain by the basement toilets was an unusual feature. Food served through the day goes all the way from snacks to full meals (steaks, burgers, sausage & mash). Hugely popular with the local, young affluent set.
Baring 55 Baring Street London N1 3DS InJuly 2022 The Baring reopened as a quite posh gastropub/restaurant with seating area at the bar but most tables set up for dining (though when visited some punters were just having a session). Reopened under the management of Adam Symonds and chef Rob Tecwyn. Oct 2023 – one cask beer from Five Points, keg offerings from Anspach & Hobday, Five Points and Harbour.
Camden Head 2 Camden Walk London N1 8DY A marvellous example of a Victorian pub, Grade II listed, built in 1899 and restored in 1969 by architect Richard Gradidge. It was then that the pub lost its separate bars (clearly evidenced by the three splendid entrances, albeit one’s blocked off); sections of the original partitions, with the engraved faceted glass, being reused to form part of the alcoves. The island bar remains the same with a splendid clock from Pond’s of Clerkenwell and a blown glass gin bottle. Most of the etched, bowed windows are original although some were replaced as exact replicas in 1969. Stained and painted glass panels in the function room come from a nearby, demolished pub. Beautiful fireplace is original although tiles added during a more recent refurbishment. Waiter bell mechanism remains. Large outside terrace. Comedy club nightly free. The nearby area is packed with antiques shops and similar establishments. Beer range varies.
Canonbury Tavern 21 Canonbury Place London N1 2NS Reverted to its original name in 2016. Two-thirds devoted to restaurant space. Comfortable modern furniture. Very large garden area to side and rear. In 2014 became an accredited member of the CAMRA LocAle scheme, beers may be sourced from various London breweries such as Sambrook’s, Hammerton and Hackney. Sunday quiz. No local beers found Jan 2024. In 2015 taken back by Young’s into direct ownership/operation. It has has been a public house since the early 1700’s and boasts a rich and varied history.
Castle 54 Pentonville Road London N1 9HF The Castle is open following refurbishment on a visit made on 15th April 2023.
Cellar Taps 125 Newington Green Road London N1 4RA There used to be six handpumps but now there are 3 pouring cask beer – we think Doom Bar will be a regular and N1 perhaps as well. Changed name to Cellar Taps some time in 2022.
Central Station 37 Wharfdale Road London N1 9SD Formerly Prince Albert. Long recognised as one of London’s “best and innovative” independent late-night venues for the gay and lesbian community. For details of all events and exact food times visit their website. B&B double and single rooms available.
Compton Arms 4 Compton Avenue London N1 2XD Under new ownership and now reopened and given a lick of paint and new wood floor amongst other details but with the layout unchanged. Three to four ales, though how ‘regular’ they’ll be remains to be seen. Now owned by Nick Stephens (Locals Club Ltd) of the Gun in Well Street, Homerton. Belly is the new Kitchen at the Compton Arms after the FourLegs residency came to a close (see their website). Table bookings are only take for food.
Crown 116 Cloudesley Road London N1 0EB Sept 2023 – REGULARS are campaigning to ensure their treasured pub is preserved forever after it was put on the market. More at https://www.islingtontribune.co.uk/article/save-the-crown-plea-as-pub-bids-are-closed
De Beauvoir Arms 113 Southgate Road London N1 3JS Large corner Victorian pub which was the Jolly Farmers for more than a century until it acquired a poor reputation. The person who took it over called it the Dog & Dumplings, he looked through a list of pub names and chose that because there was only one other in the country.
Drapers Arms 44 Barnsbury Street London N1 1ER Period pub re-opened in 2001 after being closed for over 3 years and reverting to its original name. Built by the Drapers Livery Company it probably originally had three bars. It has been opened up around a central bar and three fireplaces, and has a light and airy feel. It has a mixture of pub furniture, dining tables and settees. Apparently, Islington Labour Party was founded here in an upstairs room, so now you know who to blame! The pub closed again in 2008 but reopened bought by Ben Maschler (son of restaurant critic, Fay Maschler), who has expressed a firm commitment to keeping the Drapers very much as a pub for locals, as well as one offering good food and wines. Certainly, the comprehensive refurbishment has been sensitively handled and the pub and upstairs dining room look all but the same as before. The intention is to continue with a policy of regular guest beers and there are three real ales on at present. Per their website, their dining room is available for private hire for parties of up to 50 people.
Duke of Cambridge 30 St Peter’s Street London N1 8JT Set on a corner, the Duke is very much a gastro pub with a range of up to four organic cask beers which may come with no finings, so don’t judge the beers with your eyes! There are large plain glass windows, which gives the pub a light airy feel with the dark blue ceiling being offset by the beige walls. The wooden floors and tables add to the bistro atmosphere. A smaller, more intimate eating area at the back of pub leads to a courtyard with seating. There is additional outside seating at the front. The pub is certified by The Soil Association and, as you will see from their website, they have a very ethical policy.
Eagle 2 Shepherdess Walk London N1 7LB The Eagle is a very cosy pub with a warm welcome from the staff. The pub has four real ale pumps, with three real ales on at the time of a visit in May 2023 – being Salt Tweed, Birmingham Pale Brummie & Bays Orangutan. Also has a QR code you can scan to see what Real Ales are on next. Traditional British pub food is on offer, including Sunday roasts. In Summer the beer garden is a real asset and is the perfect way to spend an evening.
Earl Of Essex 25 Danbury Street London N1 8LE A craft beer house, 4 cask handpumps plus plenty of craft keg (up to 14 taps) which did have its own on-site brewery but this ceased operations some time ago. Real ale comes from an ever changing list of breweries both local and national. In addtion two real ciders are served an handpump.
Engle Field 340-342 Essex Road London N1 3PB After considerable building work reopened in April 2021 with a new name – Engle Field – it’s at the junction with this eponymous street. The operators also run the Hunter S. On a visit on 13/01/24 despite all the pump clips facing the customer, only Landlord was available.
Famous Cock Tavern 259 Upper Street London N1 1RU Reopened in Feb 2018 after a £600k investment by Stonegate which has brought the basement back into use as a jazz music venue – the Jam & Rye bar (open from 5pm and all day Sunday). Both craft and cask beer are advertised. It is a large single room pub with booths and larger tables at front street-side entrance, adjacent to Highbury and Islington station. Sports on TV screens dominates and can be loud, sometimes two different games are being shown. Outside drinking and smoking area at the back. The beer range will vary from established larger regional breweries.
Fellow 24 York Way London N1 9AA Revitalised as a gastro pub as a part of the Regent Quarter development by King’s Cross station. Reopened in 2008, renamed after a 1990s racehorse. Ground floor bar is in a very modern, open-plan style with an open kitchen and on first glance you might think it was a restaurant. Upstairs is a roof terrace and at the top, another bar/function room. For food serving times visit their website. The lease was acquired by Young’s in Oct 2014 and they announced their intention to add it to their (now defunct) Geronimo brand of pubs
Fox on the Green 1 Islington Green London N1 2XH An impressive building occupying a corner site on Islington Green with terrace seating. Refurbished in April 2016.
Foxglove 209-211 Liverpool Road London N1 1LX Feb 2022 – Several passes over the weeks then a visit last night and all occasions have revealed two cask ales (ELB’s Foundation and Quadrant on my visit) then two unused pumps. Now cosy and low lighting.
George & Vulture 63 Pitfield Street London N1 6BU Newly refurbished in February 2008. A single traditional large bar now restored to its comfortable Victorian splendour. Open fire. Large leather sofas and traditional oak tables. Popular with rugby enthusiasts and pub quizzers on Tuesday nights. Large outside seating area on the streets. They boast to be the tallest pub in London – since 1870. Well worth the walk up from Old Street tube. Food comprises Sour Dough Pizzas and Sides from an open kitchen, Sunday roasts (noon – 18.00) plus meat platters.
Hanbury 33 Linton Street London N1 7DU This is a pleasant and surprisingly large street corner pub in the back streets of Islington. Originally called the Hanbury Arms. It has recently been taken over by True Pub Co., refurbished and re-opened in October 2020. It has up to 4 Real Ale Taps and 3 Rotating Craft Beer taps along with a range of world & premium beers.
Hemingford Arms 158 Hemingford Road London N1 1DF Built in 1855, and rebuilt in the early 20th century, this former Friary Meux house was originally four rooms, now merged into one, but with a number of drinking areas. Listed carved mahogany back cabinet embellished with carved lionheads, and incorporating old style bar cash office, few of which survive. Walls adorned with old theatre posters, enamel advertising plates and pictures. One of the earliest gas pressure gauges still in existence is here. Ceiling festooned with anything you can think of, musical instruments, tricycles, old lamps, – you name it, it’s there. There are 5 handpumps at front with 4 currently in use. The 2 at the rear seem to be essentially for decoration.
Hen & Chickens 109 St Pauls Road London N1 2NA Situated on Highbury Corner opposite Highbury & Islington tube and over-ground station the main attraction of this establishment is the upstairs theatre which stages theatrical performances and live, mainly rock, music, hence the unconventional opening hours. The downstairs bar, however, operates as a normal(ish!) pub and retains some of its traditional Victorian features including nice tile work under the dado in the bar.
Hope & Anchor 207 Upper Street London N1 1RL A famous music pub which still keeps its end up. Music in the basement (usually Friday and Saturdays) and a juke box. A one-roomed pub on the ground floor with lovely arched windows, now of course totally see-through. The usual Islington style of mixed tables and chairs. Fom the pub’s own website –
Hunter S 194 Southgate Road London N1 3HT At times during the latter half of 2022 cask beer has not been available here but the position of having one or two real ales seems to have steadied. Landlord is favourite. The operators also run The Englefield in N1. The food hours are not shown on their website and are based on info we received in 2021.
Island Queen 87 Noel Road London N1 8HD In May 2023 a 50th Anniversary Award was made to the pub as it had been serving cask ale and been an entry in CAMRA’s first Good Beer Guide and is still selling cask today. The beer then was Charrington’s IPA. So one beer then and twoe now – but in the interim the other 3 handpmups were often in use and hopefully sales will recover to allow another cask beer to appear.
Islington Town House 13 Liverpool Road London N1 0RW Situated conveniently for Chapel Market traders, locals and visitors alike. After a period of closure, has become Hippo Inns sixth site, a joint venture between Enterprise Inns and Geronimo Inns founder Rupert Clevely. From a company news release, “There is a large bar area, a snug, open bar area and dining area available for hire for up to 26 covers. The modern light fittings and artwork are juxtaposed with traditional British pub features, including wooden beer pumps, wingback chairs and original features from the building. The space features artistic attractions such as a life-size mannequin, ornamental birdcages and gold metallic globe lights. The food menu features a selection of small plates focusing on modern and creative dishes alongside favourites.”

Gyms and leisure centre in the area of De Beauvoir Town

As remote work becomes more prevalent, there’s a corresponding rise in gym attendance to maintain fitness. With options like David Lloyd, TheGym, and others, De Beauvoir Town could be instrumental in helping you stay in shape – a valuable amenity in close proximity.

Gym Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Britannia Leisure Centre Pitfield Street, London 4.3 724
Kings Gym 552 Kingsland Road, London 4.3 41
Dance Research Studio 23 Orsman Road, London 4.3 1
AntonioTraining 182 Hoxton Street, London 4.3 N/A
PT Workspace Islington Personal Training 87-89 Shepperton Road, London 4.3 61
Lab for Fitness 334-338 Essex Road, London 4.3 45
Queensbridge Sports and Community Centre 30 Holly Street, London 4.3 213
MG Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic, Hackney, N1 49, 50 Eagle Wharf Road, London 4.3 203
TripSpace – Yoga & Dance 339 Acton Mews, London 4.3 79
New City Fitness Redvers Street, London 4.3 80
F45 Training Haggerston 31 Downham Road, London 4.3 61
BODY St Peter De Beauvoir, London 4.3 16
InHabit Pilates Mortimer Road, London 4.3 21
Momentum Training – Spin Studio 325 Acton Mews, London 4.3 24
Momentum Training 328 Stean Street, London 4.3 121
Sutol Life Unit 1b, Stean Street Studios, 3-5 Dunston Road, London 4.3 N/A
BMF – Shoreditch Bridport Place, London 4.3 2
Hitio Gym Hoxton Gainsborough Studio, 1 Poole Street, London 4.3 301
MoreYoga 199 Haggerston Road, London 4.3 20
London Boxing Classes 87-89 Shepperton Road, London 4.3 N/A

What supermarkets are there?

Finally we wouldn’t like to let you down on where to do your grocery shopping in De Beauvoir Town. Although solutions like Ocado, Amazon or other delivery services can be a great replacement, knowing if a grocery store is nearby the place you are about to live in is a big plus. Please find below the grocery stores in De Beauvoir Town.

Supermarket/Grocery store name Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Marks and Spencer 258 Edgware Road, London 4.1 1237
Waitrose & Partners 38 Porchester Road, London 4.1 618
M&S Simply Food 54 Praed Street, London 4 220
Green Valley Marble Arch, 36-37 Upper Berkeley Street, London 4.1 1359
Waitrose & Partners 168-176 Edgware Road, London 4.1 452
Tesco Express 62-64 Queensway, London 3.4 130
Sainsbury’s Local Station Concourse, Paddington Station, London 3 107
The Savanna Paddington R01, Paddington Station, Eastbourne Terrace, London 4.1 48
Tesco Express South Wharf Road, London 3.2 249
Sainsbury’s Local 12a Sheldon Square, London 3.9 34
Sainsbury’s Local 318 – 324 Edgware Road, London 3.9 67
Tesco Express 94 Church Street, London 3.5 125
Tesco Express 90-100 Edgware Road, London 3.6 204
Little Waitrose & Partners Kensington Gardens 104-105 Bayswater Road, London 3.8 204
Tesco Express 138-144 Queensway, London 3.5 137
Budgens 171-173 Praed Street, London 2.8 54
Sainsbury’s Local 169 Queensway, London 3.3 18
Europafoodxb ( Le Supermarche) 35 Craven Road, London 4.7 951
Red Sea 414 Edgware Road, London 3.9 13
Super Save Express Ltd 125 Praed Street, London 2.3 19

Other nearby areas

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