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Buckingham Palace in London

Wikipedia gives us the quick following overview of the area: “ Arkley is a village in Greater London, England, within the London Borough of Barnet. It is located 10.6 miles (17.1 km) north-northwest of Charing Cross. “

The amenities you might need in Arkley

Below is a list of the places you may want to check out if the area of Arkley. This can really help you out when you are moving to an area or neighbourhood.

Medical institutions in Arkley

Arkley has 5 medical institutions. These include hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies and other stores providing medical attention. Here are the details the nearby medical institutions (1000 radius of the area).

Medical institution Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Saint James Health Centre 47 Saint James Street, London 2 299
Queens Road Medical Centre 48 Queens Road, London 2.1 101
Yawye Ltd 45 Selborne Road, London 1.7 6
Barchester home care Waltham Abbey N/A N/A
Health Revivals Health Revivals, London N/A N/A

Schools in and around the area of Arkley

Having an educational institution close by is a great perk when moving. See the list below of schools located in the Arkley vicinity and how they relate to property prices.

School Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Kelmscott School 245 Markhouse Road, London 3.2 26
GUITAR LESSONS West London Music Tutors 62 Markhouse Avenue, London N/A N/A
Miftahul Jannah Academy 68 Queens Road, London N/A N/A
Barn Croft 2 Brunel Road, London 4 4
Little Diamonds Nursery 206 Northcote Road, London 4.7 13
Foster Hall Wellesley Road, London 4.3 16
The Learning Hub Walthamstow 350 Hoe Street, London 4.9 17
Start Smart Tuition 33 Palmerston Road, London N/A N/A
Mission Grove Primary School Buxton Road, London 4.8 16
St Patrick’s Primary School 1 Longfield Avenue, London 4.1 11
St Saviour’s C of E Primary School 33 Verulam Avenue, London 4.4 11
Edinburgh Primary School Edinburgh Primary School, 97 Queens Road, London 4 20
Low Hall Childrens Centre 215 Queens Road, London 5 2
South Grove Primary School 37 Ringwood Road, London 4.1 11
Low Hall Nursery School Low Hall Lane, London 4.5 16
Coppermill Primary School Edward Road, London 4.5 11
Thomas Gamuel Primary School 1 Colchester Road, London 3.3 9
Low Woll Lane 7 Springfield Road, London N/A N/A
Crazy 4 Kids Frederic Street Pre-school, London 4.6 11
Frederic Street Pre-school 44-46 Frederic Street, London N/A N/A

Tube & Train stations nearby the area of Arkley

Train and tube stations in Arkley can provide you with direct links to nearby cities and hence, they are a desirable feature for people when deciding on a place to live. Those who move into a city with direct transport links are able to travel further for work and will maybe spend less time commuting. Find a table below about where these transport links are:

Train or tube station name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Walthamstow Queen’s Road United Kingdom 4.1 37
Walthamstow Central Walthamstow Central Station BR, Hoe Street, London 4.3 242
St. James Street United Kingdom 3.7 48

Post offices in and around the area of Arkley

Nearby post offices make sending and getting packages easy. In a post office you can do things like exchange currency, post your packages, buy everyday items and even redirect your mail. It is likely you will use one at some point if you were to move in to the area so we have compiled the post offices nearby in a table below so you know if this area is the right place for you.

Post Office Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Walthamstow Post Office 240 Hoe Street, London 2.6 94
High Street 48 Post Office Walthamstow, London 2.8 34
Royal Mail Postbox 13 Downsfield Road, London 0 0
Royal Mail Parcel Postbox Walthamstow, London 0 0
Royal Mail Parcel Postbox Forest Business Park, Argall Avenue, London 0 0
Royal Mail Parcel Postbox 25A Church Hill, London 0 0

What kind of things are there to do in the city of Arkley?

Arkley is full of life and things to do. We suggest looking at Timeout for their weekly Arkley event listings to find local activities. Here’s a convenient link to see their upcoming happenings. Having a good grasp of what’s in Arkley and where helps get situated when moving. Our map compiles property price points and other details from this article to outline what’s available in Arkley.

Things that make us love Arkley

What makes the heart of Arkley? At Cozee we asked ourselves what would define the culture, the vibe of a given area. We have come up with the following elements so whether you are a foodie or a night bird, we got you covered. Check out the different restaurants, pubs, gym that exist in Arkley to help you decide to move in there.

Museums & Galleries in the region

Art helps discover an area’s culture. Galleries and museums are great weekend enjoyment and you can find where all the fun is happening by checking out the museum and galleries table for Arkley below.

Museum name Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum 10 South Access Road, London 4.6 258

Gyms in Arkley

Working from home means more gym time for many. With chains like EasyGym and PureGym, it’s easy to stay fit in Arkley.

Gym Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Oasis Sports Centre 32 Endell Street, London 4.3 788
Virgin Active Shell-Mex House, 80 Strand, London 4.3 299
Gymbox Holborn 100 High Holborn, London 4.3 340
Nuffield Health Covent Garden Fitness and Wellbeing Gym 9 Endell Street, London 4.3 130
Fitness First 6 Bedford Street, London 4.3 345
Yogarise Covent Garden – Yoga classes in Covent Garden, London 13 Mercer Street, London 4.3 62
Jubilee Hall Gym 30 The Piazza, London 4.3 111
Covent Garden Physiotherapy Ground Floor, Durham House, 1 Durham House Street, London 4.3 46
PureGym London Waterloo 11-15 Brad Street, London 4.3 234
Body Control Pilates 35 Little Russell Street, London 4.3 36
The Health Club at One Aldwych One Aldwych Hotel, 1 Aldwych, Covent Garden, London 4.3 16
CryoAction Limited 71-75 Shelton Street, London 4.3 1
The Gym Group London Charing Cross 17-21 Northumberland Avenue, London 4.3 227
Fujian White Crane Kung Fu & Tai Chi – Covent Garden & West End Green Dragon House, 23 Stukeley Street, London 4.3 N/A
Digme Fitness Covent Garden 4-10 Tower Street, London 4.3 150
Boom Cycle – Holborn 16 Procter Street, London 4.3 91
The Gym Group London Holborn Circus 1 Thavies Inn, Holborn Circus, London 4.3 263
Central Health Physiotherapy Quality House, 5-9 Quality Court, London 4.3 299
Tranquility Pilates Studio Ltd 16-18, New Bridge Street, London 4.3 5
ESPA Life at Corinthia Whitehall Place, London 4.3 246

Parks and green spaces in Arkley

One of London’s best features is its many green spaces. See if Arkley offers space for strolls or picnics.

Park Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Jubilee Gardens Belvedere Road, London 4.5 1413
Elm Court 1 Pump Court, London 4.3 6
Middle Temple Gardens 3 Middle Temple Lane, Temple, London 4.7 82
Bernie Spain Gardens South Bank, London 4.4 488
Bloomsbury Square Garden 14 Bloomsbury Square, London 4.3 2017
The Phoenix Garden 21 Stacey Street, London 4.6 461
LGBT Chairs ️‍ Ground Floor, South East Wing, Bush House, 300 Strand, London 5 1
Victoria Embankment Gardens 4 Temple Place, Temple, London N/A N/A
Potnotch Jubilee Market, Tavistock Street, London 5 1
London Memorial Garden Savoy Place, London 3.8 4
Drury Lane Gardens 58 Drury Lane, London 3.9 16
Fountain Court Temple, London 4.6 8
Southbank boardwalk South Bank, Unnamed Road, London 4.8 13
Street Art Skaterpark 337-338 Belvedere Road, London N/A N/A
National Theatre garden terrace South Bank, National Theatre, London N/A N/A
The Diamond Jubilee Penny Maze Henrietta Street, London 5 1
Southbank (River Thames South) Walkpath. Unnamed Road, London 4.8 18
Victoria Embankment Gardens Villiers Street, London 4.6 2523
Diamond Jubilee Garden St Pauls Church, Bedford Street, London 4.4 12
BIG 7 7 Bell Yard, London N/A N/A

The types of restaurants

Arkley has a range of different eateries. This is important for someone who is moving to an area who wants to be able to eat out and not cook every day. The below table gives you an overview of what options you have.

Restaurant Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Bengal Curry House, Walthamstow 24 Saint James Street, London 4.3 167
Indiano Pizza (Walthamstow) 17 Saint James Street, London 4.3 189
Georgios Sport Bar and Grill 30 Saint James Street, London 4.3 42
Krantas Restaurant 28 High Street, London 4.3 316
Chow & Cha London 7 Blackhorse Road, London 4.3 118
Delight Kitchen 11 Saint James Street, London 4.3 372
Sea Breeze London 4 Station Road, London 4.3 61
Dixy Fried Chicken 91 Markhouse Road, London 4.3 113
Subway 27 Saint James Street, London 4.3 58
China Express 103 Markhouse Road, London 4.3 65
Lituanica Walthamstow 29-31 High Street, London 4.3 395
Peking Chef 178 Hoe Street, London 4.3 163
Roosters Spot 200 High Street, London 4.3 87
chaiiwala Walthamstow 225 Hoe Street, London 4.3 1273
Etles Uyghur Restaurant 235 Hoe Street, London 4.3 696
Nando’s Walthamstow 1, The Scene, 261 High Street, Greater, London 4.3 1907
Dhaka Tandoori 103 Hoe Street, London 4.3 190
Pepe’s 226 Hoe Street, London 4.3 434
Subway 214A Hoe Street, London 4.3 95
Turtle Bay Walthamstow The Scene, Cleveland Place, 269 High Street, London 4.3 3358

Supermarkets in Arkley

Grocery shopping is something that people do all the time, so it would make sense to want to find out where the nearest shopping centres are in your area. In Arkley, Take a look at the major supermarkets nearby, so you know where to go grocery shopping if you are to make this place your home.

Supermarket/Grocery store name Name Address Average Rating Number of ratings
Sainsbury’s 88-92 Kilburn High Road, London 4 1811
Sainsbury’s Local 377 Kilburn High Road, London 3.1 73
ALDI 142-162 Kilburn High Road, London 4.1 2974
Poundland 110-114 Kilburn High Road, London 4.2 1000
Tesco Express 100 Willesden Lane, London 3.3 51
Tesco Express 34-36 Kilburn High Road, London 3.3 77
Londis 28 Salusbury Road, London 4.3 4
M&S Foodhall 31 Salusbury Road, London 4.2 609
Tesco Express 405 Kilburn High Road, London 2.8 84
M&S Simply Food 66 Kilburn High Road, London 4.1 526
Supersave Food & Wine 36 Salusbury Road, London 3.1 14
Supersave 3-4 Kilburn Bridge, London 3.8 4
Sainsbury’s Local 105-109 Salusbury Road, London 3.8 48
Marks and Spencer Heritage Lane Hardy Building, Unit 1, JeRoadan Place 25, London 4.3 445
Iceland Supermarket Kilburn 100-104 Kilburn High Road, London 4.1 580
Round The Clock 261 Kilburn High Road, London 3.5 16
Poundland 172-176 Kilburn High Road, London 4.2 255
Albrouche Super Market London 204 Kilburn High Road, London 4.1 10
El Dahshur Supermarket 2 Willesden Lane, London N/A N/A
Akrms Supermarket 239 Kilburn High Road, London 3.7 22


Being Londoners ourselves, at Cozee, we hold a strong bond with our regular visits to the local pub every week. Why should your experience be any different in your new home? That’s why we’ve thoroughly tested and reviewed all the pubs in Arkley. While we didn’t get the chance to personally visit each one, we certainly wish we could have. Here’s the curated list of the finest pubs in Arkley.

Pub name Name Address Description
Arkley (Village Inn & Dining) Barnet Road High Barnet EN5 3EP Former Ember Inns pub : Now a refurbished, up-market, contemporary decorated food orientated premises under the ownership of M&B’s Premium Country Dining Group. Pub currently alternates between London Pride and Doom Bar.
Arkley Golf Club Rowley Green Road High Barnet EN5 3HL Founded in 1909, the bar opens daily from 11.30am.
Black Horse 92, Wood Street High Barnet EN5 4BW Re-opened in November 2012 . Tastefully extended into an open-plan area: although now food orientated the drinker is always made most welcome.
Butchers Arms 148 High Street High Barnet EN5 5XP After major refurbishment , the pub reopened on Friday 29th January 2016 as The BUTCHERS ARMS. There has never been a pub of that name in Barnet, but many, many years ago the site was a butchers shop to the front, with an abattoir behind and below; hence the name change. It has now been tastefully improved with modern seating; a total change from its previous look….check out the sparkling West End style loos!!! Long, narrow, former Wetherspoon’s ‘Moon Under Water’. 1987 conversion but now a Free House offering an ever changing range of four ales; the Landlord is passionate about serving a great pint, which are often sourced from SIBA. It is popular with sport fans as all live football games are shown; they are able to show at least 4 different games in 6 separate areas. Open mic night Sundays and occasional live music on Saturday. May stay open until 1am Friday and Saturday nights, depending on how many are in! Currently not dog friendly.
Chipping Barnet Club 33 High Street High Barnet EN5 5UW The bar is open to members and their guests.
Gate Barnet Road High Barnet EN5 3LA White Gate sign suspended high over road is a long standing landmark-though not high enough to avoid a lorry a few years ago. Note the inscription underneath it. Still serves ales, but emphasis is more on quality meals. Ex-Punch Taverns (ex-Taylor Walker).
King’s Head 84 High Street High Barnet EN5 5SN One bar McMullen house in the shadow of Barnet Church. Live music Saturday. Quiz Thursday.
Lord Nelson 14 West End Lane High Barnet EN5 2SA Friendly one bar pub. Full of bric-a-brac with a fabulous collection of novelty salt and pepper pots. These have been donated by customers returning from holidays. Previous Landlord left behind a bath shower mixer tap which sits on the fireplace!
Olde Mitre Inne, Ye 58 High Street High Barnet EN5 5SJ The oldest coaching inn in Barnet, there has been a pub on this site since 1553. Beams, exposed brickwork, wood panelling and an open fire gives an authentic feel. In 2013 a corridor was opened to allow easy access to further rooms. There is also a well maintained outside courtyard drinking area, which now has a retractable roof and a brick-built chimenea. Several times winner of local CAMRA Branch Pub of the Year. The previous Landlord, Gary was awarded membership of the exclusive Timothy Taylor’s Champion Club for loyalty and tireless dedication to excellent cellermanship. The certificate is no longer on the wall but a good pint of Landlord is still being pulled! He has now left and the pub and it is no longer free of tie. On April 1st 2022 the pub reverted to a Managed house. So expect more GK ales on tap as guest ales.
Olde Monken Holt, Ye 193 High Street High Barnet EN5 5SU Owners have seen sense; after a refit in September 2017, the Monk reclaimed its original name; YE OLDE MONKEN HOLT. Thank You!! They no longer serve food. Historical pub at northern end of the High Street, dating from 1863. Tuesday – quiz. Wednesday – open mic, Friday – DJ. Saturday – live music (blues, jazz, rock and roll). Sunday – Acoustic unplugged session (musicians welcome). Small rear part of pub has leather seats and widescreen TVs. Patio garden. The Battle of Barnet (1471) took place just to the north. GK transferred pub from Managed division to Tenanted@Leased Pub Partners on 4/5/17. Barnet Council granted ACV status in June 2017
Queens Arms Great North Road High Barnet EN5 1AB Next to Barnet Everyman. Large pub showing major sporting events. Darts and pool available. Karaoke last Friday of the Month. Quiz every second Monday of the Month.
Red Lion 31 High Street High Barnet EN5 5UW Re-opened late January 2017 as a Stonehouse Pizza&Carvery, having been a Toby since late 2007. They have 5 hand pumps, all offering Doom Bar. Past names include ‘Dandelion’, ‘The Avenue’, ‘The Dandy Lion’, ‘Felix & Firkin’, ‘Red Lion’, ‘Toby Pub and Carvery’.
Sebright Arms 9 Alston Road High Barnet EN5 4ET A genuine and popular backstreet community local which still retains separate and contrasting public and saloon bars. Recently refurbished throughout…..worth seeking out! The garden area is heated. LBBarnet granted ACV status on 9th March 2016, but McMullen objected, saying that CAMRA were not an eligible organisation, so status was removed from the register on 7th July 2016…..but the local Community group were later successful!! ACV status was granted om 16/1/17

What else is close by?

You are not 100% sure that you want to move in Arkley? Check out our other guides about some nearby areas. You might find your next neighbourhood. The following tables shows the nearby areas within a 3.5km radius.

Neighbourhood name Link to our guide
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Hackney Marshes See the guide here
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Leytonstone See the guide here
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Looking for something more precise? Have a look at our analysis on the property market at the postcode level

Postcode area Link to our property price guide
EN5 See our property price guide for EN5
NW7 See our property price guide for NW7

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