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At Cozee, we provide clear and competitive pricing for our inventory checkout services. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you understand every cost involved, allowing you to make informed decisions. Learn more about our pricing structure and how we deliver exceptional value without compromising on quality.

Our inventory services

ServiceProperty typeUnfurnished (excl. VAT)Furnished (excl. VAT)
Inventory1 Bedroom£170£180
Inventory2 Bedrooms£240£250
Inventory3 Bedrooms£290£300
Inventory4 Bedrooms£330£350
Inventory5 Bedrooms£370£400

Our check out services

ServiceProperty typeUnfurnished (excl. VAT)Furnished (excl. VAT)
Check outStudio£150£150
Check out1 Bedroom£150£150
Check out2 Bedrooms£200£200
Check out3 Bedrooms£225£225
Check out4 Bedrooms£250£250
Check out5 Bedrooms£275£275

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